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Find financial aid


Paying for college can be intimidating, but being proactive will help you manage it. Start off right by finding financial aid to help offset the cost of tuition.

Qualify for financial aid.

The first step is filing your FAFSA by Indiana’s March 10 deadline (or before your college’s deadline, if it’s earlier). Some types of federal, state and institutional (from your college) aid will be automatically awarded, but only if your FAFSA is on file. Read more about the financial aid process.

Search for scholarships.

Follow Learn More Indiana’s advice on finding scholarships.

Follow through.

If you have high grades, you may qualify for merit-based financial aid. Don’t risk losing the money by slacking off your senior year, even if you’ve already been accepted to your college of choice. If you’re a Twenty-first Century Scholar, make sure you complete the requirements to earn up to four years of tuition at a participating Indiana college.

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