Step One: Gathering information

Start working on your résumé by collecting and reviewing information about yourself. It is helpful to organize your information in a notebook or a computer file.

You should focus on your:

  • work experience
  • job responsibilities
  • volunteer work
  • skills
  • accomplishments
  • education
  • activities

After gathering this information, research the jobs or internships you are applying for. Determine what responsibilities they involve, what preparation they require and what skills they use. Your résumé will use information about you to show that you meet a job's requirements.

You will probably need to write a different résumé for each job that interests you. Each résumé will emphasize what is relevant to a specific job.

Remember: Even if you do not have many specialized or technical skills, most jobs also require abilities such as reliability, teamwork, and communications. These are particularly important for entry-level workers.

Read about Step Two: Organizing your information.

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