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What are your education goals?

Your education goals should match your career goals. Use this checklist once you have a career in mind and know what type of degree or credential you will need:

  1. Plan to match you.
    Ultimately, only you can decide what’s the right fit for you. Explore your career interests and skills and consider these questions:  How long will the degree program take you to complete and how much will it cost? Have you earned the grades and completed the academic prerequisite courses that will prepare you for success in the chosen program? What kind of family and work obligations do you have and how will you balance these priorities with school?

  2. Plan to pay.
    It pays to start early when it comes to saving for college. See Learn More Indiana’s resources on debt, scholarships, financial aid and more to make sure your plan to pay for college is realistic. Remember, you won’t know how much financial aid you qualify for if you don’t file your FAFSA on time (March 10 in Indiana)!

  3. Plan to succeed.
    Learn More Indiana’s resources on preparing for college completion will help you make sure you have the right academic and study habits, organization and time management skills, and college knowledge required for success.

  4. Plan to finish.
    Start with the end in mind! Ensure the success of your education plan by creating a college completion plan.
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