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College Orientation

College Orientation Programs

If you’re headed to college in the fall, you will probably receive an invitation to some type of orientation program. Orientation programs all look different. Maybe you’ll spend an afternoon on campus and tour a few offices, or maybe you’ll spend a night in a residence hall or take part in a full week of activities before classes start.

Regardless of what your orientation program entails, it’s important that you attend. Why?

  • You’re more likely to do well. Students who attend orientation programs are better acquainted with their colleges and feel at home. Both lead to better grades and happier students.
  • You’ll make friends. Failure in college is more likely to be tied to social or emotional problems than to the sheer difficulty of college-level work. Build up a good social network now, and you’ll have buddies for studying and relaxation as the year progresses.
  • You’ll know where to get help. Whether you need a tutor for a tough class or are wondering where the student health center is, orientation will help you learn where the resources are and how to get help.

If you’re not sure if your college has an orientation program, call the admissions office and ask. It may have a different name but serve the same purpose: making you part of your new college home.