Division of Supreme Court Administration

The Division of Supreme Court Administration serves the Indiana Supreme Court in the orderly management of the Court, working generally at the direction of the Chief Justice. Indiana Code section 33-24-6-6 provides that the Division of Supreme Court Administration "shall perform legal and administrative duties for the justices as are determined by the justices." The complex legal and administrative tasks that come before the Indiana Supreme Court keep the attorneys and support staff of the administration office busy.

The attorneys of the Division of Supreme Court Administration serve as central staff counsel to the Court. Each year, they produce hundreds of substantial legal memoranda on a myriad of topics to assist the Supreme Court in its role as the court of last resort in Indiana. The various motions and other matters requiring rulings in cases pending before the Court are also presented to the Chief Justice and the Court through the Division. Finally, the Court’s Administrator has specific duties prescribed by the Indiana Rules of Procedure for Original Actions. Original Actions are proceedings that challenge a lower court’s jurisdiction and may be taken directly to the Indiana Supreme Court. The Divisions’ attorneys are very active in legal education and in providing service to the profession through, among other things, involvement with the Indiana State Bar Association.

The Division of Supreme Court Administration is also responsible for the day-to-day fiscal administration of the Court, including the processing of payroll, the payment of bills, the preparation of expense vouchers, and the administration of employee benefits. It also assists the Chief Justice with the preparation of the Court's budget. Further, it accumulates Court statistics and prepares reports about the work of the Court. Its staff often serves as the Court's liaison to its various agencies, the practicing bar, and to the general public. Much of the physical handling of cases reviewed by the Court is managed by the Division, and the Division's staff answers inquiries from attorneys and the public about the Indiana Supreme Court.

In 2006, the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Tax Court officially became part of the Division of Supreme Court Administration when the Chief Justice appointed a Supreme Court Administrator to assume the duties and responsibilities of Clerk as well, thereby effectively combining the two positions into one.