Supreme Court press release letterhead
March 11, 2011
Contact: Kathryn Dolan


The Indiana Supreme Court is accepting applications for the position of State Public Defender, which the Court appoints pursuant to Ind. Code ch. 33-40-1 for a term of four (4) years.  An applicant must be an attorney in good standing who has practiced in Indiana for at least three (3) years.  Demonstrated commitment to protecting the rights of indigent defendants; knowledge of criminal law; and familiarity with trial, appellate, post-conviction and federal habeas corpus procedure are critically important.  Demonstrated management experience; competency in spreadsheet, database, and office software; excellent interpersonal skills; and the ability to manage multiple projects at once are also required.  The compensation will be appropriate to experience; the incumbent’s current annual salary is $113,022.  An application, consisting of a resume and cover letter, should be sent to Brenda Rodeheffer, Director of Office & Employment Law, Division of State Court Administration, via electronic mail at applications submitted electronically to this e-mail address before midnight on Sunday, April 10, 2011, will be considered.

The State Public Defender, individually and through deputy public defenders, represents indigent incarcerated inmates of the Department of Correction in challenges to convictions and sentences under Indiana Post-Conviction Rule 1, including all indigents sentenced to death; represents incarcerated indigent juveniles in Indiana Trial Rule 60(B) actions and parole revocation hearings; provides representation, when appropriate, in P-C.R.2 petitions seeking permission to file belated appeals in guilty plea cases and in successive petitions once approved by the appellate court; and locates counsel for trial and appeal upon request by any judge in the State at the county’s expense.

The State Public Defender manages an annual budget of approximately $6,665,000 and supervises forty-three (43) deputies and twenty-three (23) support staff. The State Public Defender also serves on various boards and commissions pursuant to statute, by appointment of the Court, or by other authority (Indiana Public Defender Commission).  The State Public Defender also prepares and submits biennial budget requests to the Legislature and annual reports to the Court. 

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