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May 11, 2009
Contact: Kathryn Dolan


"The Greenwood City Court is the first city court in the state to install the Indiana Supreme Court's computerized case management system," Indiana Supreme Court Justice Frank Sullivan, Jr., said today.  "I salute Greenwood City Court Judge Lewis Gregory for his leadership in installing this 21st-century technology that will make processing cases more efficient and enhance public safety."

Justice Sullivan, Judge Gregory, and others will demonstrate the new computer system and answer questions at a special briefing on Wednesday, May 13, at noon, at the Greenwood City Court, 186 Surina Way, Greenwood 46143.  The event is open to the public.

Judge Gregory explained "I am delighted that the Indiana Supreme Court chose the Greenwood City Court as the pilot city court location for installing its new case management system.  We are very pleased with the way it is operating and excited about its prospects for speeding the processing of cases and improving public safety."

The Supreme Court's computer system, called "Odyssey," was installed in the Greenwood City Court under the auspices of the Supreme Court's Judicial Technology and Automation Committee (JTAC).  It is part of the Court's effort to equip every Indiana court with a 21st-century case management system and connect each court's system with each other's and law enforcement, state agencies, and others who need and use court information.

One of the features of the Odyssey system now operating in Greenwood is that it receives electronically traffic tickets "written" by the Indiana State Police and other law enforcement agencies using scanning equipment in their patrol cars.  Another feature is that it sends electronically information on the disposition of traffic cases from the court to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The Odyssey system was first installed in ten Indiana courts on a pilot basis in December, 2007.  It is now operating in 23 Indiana courts in seven counties, including the Marion County traffic court, the busiest court in the state.  These courts comprise approximately 16% of all the cases filed in Indiana.

"The Greenwood City Court represents a milestone in our effort to modernize court technology in Indiana," Sullivan said.  "City and town courts play a critical role in handling traffic infraction cases and Greenwood is now their model for using the latest technology to receive notices of traffic infractions from law enforcement, to dispose of the cases, and to transmit the disposition to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  Most of this work previously had to be done by hand."

There are 75 city and town courts in Indiana.  These courts handle primarily traffic infractions and their volume is substantial.  The Greenwood City Court alone handled nearly 5,500 infractions in 2007, which is 38% of all infractions in Johnson County.  Statewide, city and town courts handled 29% percent of the state's infraction cases. 

Odyssey is scheduled to be installed in many additional courts soon, including the New Haven City Court on July 1.  Courts pay no installation costs, training costs, license fees, or annual maintenance costs for Odyssey; those costs are paid by JTAC using the proceeds of a court filing fee dedicated to the project by the General Assembly.  Information on cases in Odyssey is available at no cost to the public on the web by visiting
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