Supreme Court press release letterhead
November 19, 2008
Contact: Kathryn Dolan


Five Ukrainian jurists participating in the Open World Program will spend eight days in Indianapolis and Noblesville examining the U.S. judicial system.  The November 15-22 visit includes meeting with William Greenaway, Magistrate of the Hamilton Superior Court, Julie C. Sipe, Attorney at the Indiana Judicial Center, and Indiana Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard.

While in Indiana, the Ukrainian jurists will attend an oral argument and a luncheon at the Indiana Supreme Court, view criminal and civil proceedings in Indianapolis and Noblesville, visit the Indiana Women’s Prison, and exchange information with the Indiana Judicial Center, the Indiana Supreme Court Division of Supreme Court Administration, and the Commission on Judicial Qualifications. 

“The Supreme Court is very proud to host the Ukrainian guests.  We have always found these exchanges to be interesting and informative.  We hope they enjoy their stay and benefit from seeing the U.S. justice system.’” said Chief Justice Shepard.

Open World is managed by the Open World Leadership Center.  It is the only exchange program in the U.S. legislative branch.  Participants get an inside look at the U.S. judicial system and develop ties with the U.S. judges who host them.  They also gain insight into how the U.S. political system promotes and protects judicial independence and the rule of law. 

The Open World Program is a unique, nonpartisan initiative of the U.S. Congress that builds mutual understanding between the emerging political and civic leaders of participating countries and their U.S. counterparts.  It also exposes delegates to ideas and practices they can adapt for use in their own work.  Founded in 1999 with a focus on Russia, the program has also in recent years hosted delegations from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.  Delegates range from first-time mayors to experienced journalists, from nonprofit directors to small-business advocates, and from political activists to high-court judges.  Nearly 13,000 Open World participants have been hosted in all 50 U.S. states.  The program’s administering agency, the Open World Leadership Center, is a legislative branch entity with offices at the Library of Congress. 

The visiting delegates are Liliya Anatoliyivna Andryushyna, Judge, Makeevka City Court; Taras Mykhaylovych Antonyak, Judge, Ivano Frankivsk City Court; Andriy Yuriyovych Malyeyev, Judge and Head of the Court, Ivano-Frankivsk City Court; Volodymyr Mykolayovych Shyyan, Judge and Head of the Court, Kyiv District Court of Poltava; and Serhiy Mykolayovych Yaroshenko, Assistant to Deputy Head Judge of the Criminal Chamber, Appellate Court.  Iryna Oleksiyivna Khymchak accompanies them as a facilitator.

The Ukrainian jurists will also take part in several cultural and community activities, including visits to the Indiana State Museum, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art.

For more information, please contact Kathryn Dolan at 317-234-4722, or Jeffrey Magnuson, Open World Program Manager, at 202-707-6555.  For more information on Open World, please visit

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