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Under the authority vested in this Court pursuant to Article 7, Section 4 of the Constitution of Indiana to exercise original jurisdiction on the admission to the practice of law and the discipline or disbarment of those admitted, Rule 7.3 of the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct is amended to read as follows (deletions shown by
striking and new text shown by underlining                                  ):


     . . .

    (c) Every written or recorded communication from a lawyer soliciting professional employment from a prospective client potentially in need of legal services in a particular matter, and with whom the lawyer has no family or prior professional relationship, shall include the words "Advertising Material" conspicuously placed both on the face of any outside envelope and at the beginning of any written communication, and both at the beginning and ending of any recorded communication. A copy of each such communication shall be filed with the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission at or prior to its dissemination to the prospective client. In the event a written or recorded communication is distributed to multiple prospective clients, a single copy of the mailing less information specific to the intended recipients, such as name, address and date of mailing, may be filed with the Commission. Each time any such communication is changed or altered, a copy of the new or modified communication shall be filed with the Disciplinary Commission at or prior to the time of its mailing or distribution. The lawyer shall retain a list containing the names and addresses of all persons or entities to whom each communication has been mailed or distributed for a period of not less than one (1) year following the last date of mailing or distribution. Communications filed pursuant to this subdivision shall be open to public inspection.

     . . .

These amendments shall be effective January 1, 1999.
    The Clerk of this Court is ORDERED to forward a copy of this order to the Clerk of each Circuit Court in the State of Indiana; Attorney General of Indiana; Legislative Services Agency and its Office of Code Revision; Administrator, Supreme Court of Indiana; Administrator, Indiana Court of Appeals; Administrator, Indiana Tax Court; Public Defender of Indiana; Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission; Indiana Supreme Court Commission for Continuing Legal Education; Indiana Board of Law Examiners; Indiana Judicial Center; Division of State Court Administration; the libraries of all law schools in the state; the Michie Company; and West Publishing Company.
    West Publishing Company is directed to publish this order in the advance sheets of this Court.
    The Clerks of the Circuit Courts are ORDERED to bring this order to the attention of all judges within their respective counties and to post this order for examination by the Bar and general public.
    DONE at Indianapolis, Indiana, this _____ day of December, 1998.
                            FOR THE COURT

                            Acting Chief Justice of Indiana


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