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Judicial Technology and Automation Committee
Indiana Supreme Court
Division of State Court Administration
30 South Meridian Street, Suite 500
Indianapolis, IN 46204-3417
317.234.2604 [phone]
317.234.2605 [fax]


Lilia G. Judson Executive Director, State Court Administration 317.232.2542
Mary DePrez, Esq. Director and Counsel for Trial Court Technology 317.234.2604
Robin Beasley Court Reporter Subject Matter Expert 317.234.3117
Andy Cain MIS Director 317.234.3716
Kelly Campbell Project Manager  317.234.2876
Carl Cowan Field Support Specialist, Protection Order Registry 317.234.5994
LaJuan Epperson Project Manager, Protection Order Registry 317.234.2870
Janelle Dewitt Field Support Specialist 317.234.3624
Ryan Hassebroek Business Analyst 317.234.3316
Jesse Herzberg System Analyst n/a
Dawn Hillier Field Support Specialist 317.234.5990
Laura Kincaid Field Support Specialist, Help Desk 317.234.3084
Mary Kronoshek Administrative Assistant to Director 317.234.2710
Paula Mikesell Field Support Specialist, Help Desk 317.234.3818
Ginalee Nieman Business Analyst 317.234.3625
Annette Page Project Manager, eCWS 317.234.3064
Erskine Reeves Field Support Specialist, Protection Order Registry 317.234.5678
Armindo Ruivo Senior Support Specialist 317.234.6585
Jill Russell Project Manager, Jury Management 317.234.2734
Brian Steinke Interface Manager 317.234.2822
David Steward MIS Deputy Director 317.233.2778
Gaye Lynn Strickland Help Desk Manager 317.234.3487
Jayme Taylor Field Support Specialist, Help Desk 317.234.6224
Lisa Thompson Probation Subject Matter Expert 317.234.6586
Anthony Warfield Office and Fiscal Manager 317.234.2712
Kathy Wasson Field Support Specialist, eCWS 317.234.6262
ChiQuita Williams Associate Field Support Specialist 317.234.6224
Scott Wolting Help Desk/Trainer 317.234.6254

JTAC Consultants/Contractors

Deb Arnett Independent (Former Clerk of Courts) Field Support, All Projects 317.234.2604
David Blankenship Blankenship Consulting CMS 317.234.5993
Donna Edgar  Long Run Partners LLC  Project Manager  317.234.2926 
Karen Kinder Sequoia All Projects, Grants/Financials 317.234.6225
Mitchel McConnell Independent Consultant CMS 317.234.5679
Brian Meyer MMY Consulting, Inc. Software Developer n/a
Mark Nieman Etchasoft Configuration Manager 317.234.2604
Greg Obrecht MassAveSolutions, Inc. CMS 317.234.3538
Debra Weatherholt Independent (Former Clerk of Courts) Field Support, All Projects 317.234.2604