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Indiana Supreme Court
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Ashley Rozier
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Program Assistant

Indiana CLEO > Apply to Indiana CLEO > Why Should I Apply? Why Should I Apply?

There are many reasons to apply to CLEO. The CLEO program awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to put deserving individuals through an accredited Indiana law school. But there’s more than just the money; there’s networking, too. Any university professor or administrator today will tell you that networking is one of the most important things you can do to secure a high-paying, rewarding job later in your career.

CLEO gives you the opportunity to get to know other CLEO fellows at the annual summer institute in addition to law professors, judges and other members of the legal community. In addition, the summer institute will give you a leg-up on your peers at law school. The institute gives you the opportunity to interact in a real university classroom, learn with the best law professors in Indiana and prepare you for the sort of lifestyle that all law students experience.

It’s fun, too!

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