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The Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education is required under Admission and Discipline Rule 29 to designate courses as appropriate for newly admitted lawyers. The Commission has determined that all newly admitted lawyers must take a Commission accredited six-hour applied professionalism course in their first three-year educational period. The Commission has adopted the following standards to ensure that these programs are of high quality.


Participants must attend the program in its entirety, or they will not receive credit for the Applied Professionalism Course for Newly Admitted Lawyers.

Attorney Participants who are not newly admitted attorneys will receive six hours of ethics credits. .

An Indiana attorney who teaches this program, or any part, shall receive four ethics credits for every hour spent teaching. If assistant trainers are used, each assistant trainer shall receive two ethics credits for every hour spent assisting.

The program must be presented live. The Commission encourages the effective use of technology within the program.

Sponsors must provide a list of Indiana lawyers in attendance within thirty days of completion of the program. This list must include the attorney number and address of each attendee.


Speakers and assistants should have appropriate experience in the subject matter. If a speaker is an attorney, he or she must be in good standing in some state and must not have been disqualified from the practice of law in any state. If the attorney is retired or inactive in another state, the license must not have been relinquished in exchange for dismissal of disciplinary charges.

At least one speaker must be an Indiana attorney approved by the Commission for the purpose of presenting the Rules of Professional Responsibility in Indiana.


A variety of teaching techniques shall be employed including but not limited to: lecture, group discussion, written exercises, simulations, role plays and readings.


Sponsors must submit: a completed "APPLICATION FOR ACCREDITATION OF SIX­-HOUR APPLIED PROFESSIONALISM COURSE FOR NEWLY ADMITTED LAWYERS," complete program agenda (including time breakdowns for each topic); bibliography of recommended reading; summary of materials to be used in the training; and speaker or presenter biographies.


A. Topics to be addressed shall include: Attorney relationships with third parties, trust accounts, IOLTA, Attorney-Client Relationships, Professionalism/Civility, and awareness and treatment of impairments through the Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program.

B. Additional topics concerning or emphasizing ethics, civility and/or professionalism may be included.


Any mandatory six-hour professionalism program for newly admitted lawyers is certified for a period of two years from the date of approval. However, the sponsor or applicant must submit a listing of scheduled courses at least 45 days before each course, giving the date, time and place of the course. Any material change in the course (such as a change in the main presenter or curriculum) requires a new application to the Commission.