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Sandra Robbie

Sandra Robbie is the writer/producer of the Emmy Award-winning PBS documentary Mendez vs. Westminster: For All the Children / Para Todos los Ninos. Mendez tells the story of the Orange County school desegregation case that ended legal school segregation in California seven years before Brown v. Board of Education. Sandra has spoken across the country about the Mendez case including at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. In 2004, Sandra saw one of her dreams come true when she was with the Mendez family at the White House to see their family honored by the President for their contribution to American civil rights.

2007 marks the 60-year anniversary of this historic case and the US Postal Service has announced they will be issuing a stamp on Mendez v. Westminster this year. Sandra served as a consultant on the stamp and is assisting with the unveiling and First Day of Issue events that will take place in April and September respectively. To help promote the upcoming stamp and Mendez history, Sandra is taking Mendez on the road this spring with the MvW Magical History Tour. Sandra's bought a 1967 VW bus and she'll be taking it on a trip that begins in California at the Mexican border, making stops up the state to share the Mendez story and learn more about California's segregated history and civil rights legacy. On May 22, she'll be heading cross-country with the goal of being in New York City for the national Puerto Rican Day parade. The MvW Magical History Tour will be the subject of a new Mendez documentary that Sandra is producing in the effort to have the Mendez history become part of the required curriculum for the state of California.

Sandra is passionate about the Mendez story because it bridges the history of people of many colors and it reveals the invisible, electric human connection that binds us all. Sandra has received numerous awards and recognitions for her work on the Mendez history from organizations such at MANA, OC-NAACP, Chapman University, OC Black Chamber of Commerce, Soroptomist International Newport Harbor, Los Angeles Mexican American Bar Association, Radio Television News Association, the OC Department of Education, and OCAPICA. Sandra has most recently been selected as an OC United Way Hispanic influential and as one of OC Metro magazines 20 Women to Watch; both announcements will be made public in March 2007. She will be screening Mendez at Harvard Law School in April 2007.

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