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Indiana Justice and Judge Biographies

Access biographies and pictures (if available) of all Supreme Court Justices and Court of Appeals and Tax Court Judges who have serve since each court was established.

Justice John Vestal Hadley (1840-1915)

Learn about the life and career of Justice John Vestal Hadley, including important documents, images, and excerpts from his book, Seven Months a Prisoner, which was inspiration for the novel and subsequent film, Cold Mountain.

Female Firsts

Learn about the hard work and leadership of pioneering Hoosier females. Each have made significant "Indiana Firsts" in the field of law.

Hispanics in the Courts

View informational slides about the experiences of Spanish-speaking people in Indiana's Courts and what is being done to accommodate their needs to ensure justice for all.

U.S. Voting Amendments

Read and learn about the 15th, 19th and 26th amendments to the U.S. Constitution. These amendments granted African-Americans and women the right to vote in addition to lowering the voting age.

Speeding Through the Crossroads of America

Learn about Indiana's past and present traffic laws, including famous speeding ticket stories, Indiana's first license plate, and nationwide speed limit laws.