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The Chief Probation Officer of each probation department is charged with numerous administrative responsibilities to ensure the effective operation of the department.  The Indiana Probation Standards list these responsibilities in Standards 1.1 through 1.17.  In addition, the supervising judge of a probation department may assign additional administrative responsibilities to the chief probation officer.  The links below provide further information on specific items necessary or helpful in the effective and efficient administration of a probation department.

Minimum Salary Schedule for Probation Officers
Access probation minimum salary schedules and other salary materials.

Policy and Procedure Manual
Learn more about developing or revising a probation department policy and procedure manual. 

Subpoenas for Probation Records
Read information about handling subpoenas for probation records. 

Statistical Reporting
Access information about probation quarterly statistics.

Records Management
Learn more about the preservation, disposal and confidentiality of probation records. 

Notification of Personnel Changes
Access the Probation Officers Update Form.

Intern/Volunteer Programs
Learn more about probation department intern and volunteer programs.