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A Collection of Informative Materials for Judicial Officers

Court Administrivia: The Newest Game Show in Town

Materials submitted by James Walker, Director of Trial Court Management.

Session Presentation
72 pages | 423 kb

This session focused on an often frustrating but always essential aspect of being a judicial officer – the management of court records and the administration of your court.  Through an interactive game show format, this course addressed things such as accessing court records under Administrative Rule 9, creating the right CCS and RJO entries, managing the use of senior judges, tracking the use of judicial officers working in your court, timely administrative reporting to state agencies such as the DOC, BMV, and ISP, preparing your local rules, and knowing where to find the answers to a host of administrative questions. 

Courthouse and Courtroom Safety

Session Presentation (Steps to Best Practices for Court Building Security)
35 pages | 435 kb
Session Presentation (How to Abort an Abduction Attempt)
6 pages | 157 kb
Session Presentation (Sample Court Building Color Codes)
1 page | 88 kb
Session Presentation (2005 List of Contraband Confiscated, Everett, Washington)
2 pages | 646 kb
Session Presentation (Entry Screening: The Court's First Line of Defense)
5 pages | 522 kb
Session Presentation (Go Bag)
2 pages | 196 kb
Session Presentation (Home Security Audit and Recommendations)
9 pages | 191 kb
Session Presentation (101 Personal Safety Tips for Judges and Court Staff)
4 pages | 176 kb

Materials submitted by Timothy Fautsko, Principal Staff Member, National Center for State Courts. The recent shootings at a federal courthouse attest to the fact that courthouses are becoming more dangerous and are often places for individuals who feel wronged by the justice system to wreak havoc. The materials present effective strategies and techniques for judges to develop partnerships with their court security providers to prepare for and know how to react to such unexpected acts and incidents at work.

Continuity of Operations Planning

Session Presentation
Session Presentation (Sample Continuity of Operations Plan)

32 pages | 2.07 MB
Session Presentation (Wallet Card)
2 pages | 318 kb

Materials submitted by Trevor Moore, Business Continuity Specialist, Division of State Court Administration. These materials provide an overview of State Court Administration’s efforts in COOP planning.

Indiana Confidential: Access to Court Records

Session Presentation (Administrative Rule 9)
Session Presentation (Indiana's Access to Public Records Act)
Session Presentation (Annoying Reports & Is That Phrase Redundant?)

Materials submitted by Lilia Judson, Executive Director, Division of State Court Administration; Kathryn Dolan, Public Information Officer, Indiana Supreme Court; and Andrew Kossack, Indiana Public Access Counselor. Presented at the 2010 Spring Judicial College Program, April 14, 2010.

Administrative Rule 9 (a.k.a. the “light green paper rule”) expresses the general premise that court records are publicly accessible unless they are explicitly excluded from access.  This program discussed the application of AR 9 to various court records and probation records, the new amendment to AR 9 and how it effects transcripts, requests from the media, and Indiana's Access to Public Records Act.