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Indiana Supreme Court Admission and Discipline Rule 14 provides:

All applicants who have achieved a combined scaled score of 255 to 263 shall be eligible to appeal.

The eligible examinees must make a written request to appeal on forms provided by the Board within fourteen (14) days of the date of mailing by the Board of the eligible examinee's results. No response other than the written request to appeal is permitted.

The President of the Board shall designate certain of the Board's members as "Appeals Reviewers." The Appeals Reviewers shall consider and decide all appeals of bar examination results. In the appeals process, all of an eligible examinee's responses shall be subject to review by the Appeals Reviewers.

Multistate Bar Examination scores will also be available to the Appeals Reviewers. Eligible examinees that are deemed to have passed after review shall be treated as having passed that administration of the Indiana Bar Examination. No change in score shall be effectuated. The determination by the Appeals Reviewers whether to treat an appealing applicant as having passed the bar examination shall be final, subject to general principles of procedural due process.