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Appendix to Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure

Burns Ind. AP. (2003)

The following standards shall apply when the Court on Appeal grants a motion pursuant to Appellate Rule 30(A)(1) to accept an electronically formatted Transcript.

Standard 1. The electronic Transcript must comply with all of the requirements set out in Appellate Rule 30.

Standard 2. The Transcript of the evidence may be prepared in any commercially available word processing software system.

Standard 3. Pursuant to Appellate Rule 30(A)(5), the court reporter shall transcribe the evidence on sequentially numbered disks or sets of sequential numbered disks shall be prepared and designated as:

a) "Official record"
b) "Official working copy"
c) "Court reporter's copy"
d) "Party copy"

The court reporter must convert the "official record," the "official working copy" and the "party copy" into Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and transmit these copies in PDF format as set out in Appellate Rule 30. Standard 4. Pursuant to Appellate Rule 30(B), the court reporter shall retain a signed, read only "court reporter's copy" of the electronic Transcript in the original word processing version used for the transcription.

Adopted January 31, 2002; Effective April 1, 2002.

Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure