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Mary Willis
Chief Administrative Officer

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The Supreme Court of Indiana established the Information Management section in July 1986 to oversee the creation, maintenance, access, and disposal of court records. The section also is charged with the administration of Administrative Rule 6 (microfilming), Administrative Rule 7 (retention schedules), and Administrative Rule 9 (confidentiality), as well as others. The section travels extensively to Indiana courthouses to provide assistance to clerks and judges with records preservation, access and disposal and confidentiality issues, and court security, protective orders and information technology.

Mission Statement

To apply professional information management principles to the creation, maintenance, access, and disposal of information received by and created by the state's judiciary.


  • To modernize information creating and maintenance systems by reviewing current practices and applying Trial Rule 77.
  • To establish criteria and standards for information technology, such as micrographics, electronic case management and imaging systems.
  • To provide the trial courts and clerks with a single source of the law on confidentiality, freedom of information and protective orders.
  • To gain physical space for the state's judiciary through implementation of retention schedules, as found in Administrative Rule 7.

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