Continuing Mediation Activity Application Instructions

Before submitting this application to the Commission for consideration, please check the following:

  1. Form may be completed and submitted by either course participant or course sponsor.
  2. Sponsors must submit application 30 days before a course is presented.
  3. Individuals may apply for accreditation up to thirty (30) days after the course.
  4. Form is complete and signed.
  5. The required course enclosures are provided.
  6. Continuing Mediation Education “CME” minutes have been computed correctly
    1. Only time of actual instruction counts toward credit hours.
    2. Credit is not given for introductory remarks, breaks or business meetings.
    3. If credit is requested for a dinner or luncheon speaker, minutes will be deducted for service of the meal.
  7. Sponsors are encouraged to plan activities that are at least 60 minutes long.
  8. No credit is given for in-house activities (except for government or academic mediators).
  9. No credit is given for self-study activities.
  10. No credit is given for a telephone seminar.
  11. No credit is given for an Internet seminar.

Please return completed application (PDF) to:

Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education
115 West Washington Street
Suite 1065
Indianapolis, IN 46204-3417