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Courts > Statewide E-Filing > Trial Rule 86 Implementation Schedule Which courts are already e-filing

E-filing is available in all three appellate courts and the trial courts below. To learn when other courts will adopt e-filing and when e-filing will become mandatory, see the e-filing timeline. Mandatory e-filing applies to attorneys only; unrepresented litigants are not required to e-file, but are encouraged to do so.

Trial Courts with Mandatory Initial and Subsequent E-filing

In these courts, e-filing is required for all filings in available case types.

  • Hamilton Circuit and Superior Courts

Trial Courts with Mandatory Subsequent E-filing

In these courts, e-filing is required for only subsequent filings in available case types that have already been initiated. 

  • Cass Circuit and Superior Courts
  • Clark Circuit and Superior Courts
  • Clay Circuit & Superior Courts (some case type exceptions, see document below)
  • Elkhart Circuit and Superior Courts
  • Floyd Circuit and Superior Courts
  • Franklin Circuit Court
  • Grant Circuit & Superior Courts
  • Greene Circuit & Superior Courts
  • Harrison Circuit and Superior Courts
  • Hendricks Circuit and Superior Courts
  • Henry Circuit Court
  • Huntington Circuit & Superior Courts
  • Jackson Circuit & Superior Courts
  • Johnson Circuit & Superior Courts (some case type exceptions, see document below)
  • Knox Circuit & Superior Courts
  • Madison Circuit Courts (some case type exceptions, see document below)
  • Marion Circuit & Superior Courts (some case type exceptions, see document below)
  • Monroe Circuit Court
  • Morgan Circuit & Superior Courts
  • Owen Circuit Court
  • Rush Circuit and Superior Courts
  • Shelby Circuit and Superior Courts
  • Steuben Circuit & Superior Courts
  • Tipton Circuit Court
  • Union Circuit Court
  • Washington Circuit and Superior Courts
  • Wells Circuit and Superior Courts (some case type exceptions, see document below)
  • White Circuit and Superior Courts (some case type exceptions, see document below)

Trial Courts with Voluntary E-filing Available

  • Allen Circuit & Superior Courts (some case type exceptions, see document below)
  • Hancock Circuit & Superior Courts
  • LaGrange Circuit & Superior Courts
  • Posey Circuit & Superior Courts
  • Tippecanoe Circuit & Superior Courts
  • Vanderburgh Circuit & Superior Courts
  • Wabash Circuit & Superior Courts

Case Types

E-filing in the trial courts is governed by Trial Rule 86 and is limited to certain case types:


AD Adoption Initial and subsequent filings
AH Adoption History Subsequent filings only
CB Foreign Judgment Initial and subsequent filings
CC Civil Collection Initial and subsequent filings
CF Criminal Felony Subsequent filings only
CM Criminal Misdemeanor Subsequent filings only
CP Civil Plenary Subsequent filings only
CT Civil Tort Initial and subsequent filings
DC Domestic Relations with children Initial and subsequent filings
DF Class D or Lesser Felony Subsequent filings only
DN Domestic Relations without children Initial and subsequent filings
DR Domestic Relations Subsequent filings only
EM Estate, Miscellaneous Initial and subsequent filings
ES Estate, Supervised Initial and subsequent filings
EU Estate, Unsupervised Initial and subsequent filings
GU Guardianship Initial and subsequent filings
F1 Felony 1 Subsequent filings only
F2 Felony 2 Subsequent filings only
F3 Felony 3 Subsequent filings only
F4 Felony 4 Subsequent filings only
F5 Felony 5 Subsequent filings only
F6 Felony 6 Subsequent filings only
FA Class A Felony Subsequent filings only
FB Class B Felony Subsequent filings only
FC Class C Felony Subsequent filings only
FD Class D Felony Subsequent filings only
IF Infraction Subsequent filings only
JC Child in Need of Services Subsequent filings only
JD Juvenile Delinquency Subsequent filings only
JM Juvenile Miscellaneous Subsequent filings only
JP Juvenile Paternity Initial and subsequent filings
JS Juvenile Status Subsequent filings only
JT Juvenile Termination of Parental Rights Initial and subsequent filings
MC Miscellaneous Criminal Subsequent filings only
MF Mortgage Foreclosure Initial and subsequent filings
MH Mental Health Initial and subsequent filings
MI Miscellaneous Civil Initial and subsequent filings
MR Murder Subsequent filings only
OV Local Ordinance Violation Subsequent filings only
PC Post-Conviction Relief Initial and subsequent filings
PL Civil Plenary Initial and subsequent filings
RS Reciprocal Support Initial and subsequent filings
SC Small Claim Initial and subsequent filings
TP Verified Petition for Issuance of a Tax Deed Initial and subsequent filings
TR Trust Initial and subsequent filings
TS Application for Judgment in a Tax Sale Subsequent filings only
XP Expungement Initial and subsequent filings


For details about when specific case types became available for each county, see: