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On this page, you may submit a request to change your mediator status:

  • from active status to inactive or removed status
  • from inactive status to active or removed status
  • from remove status to active status

Active status mediators will appear on the public Mediator Search; inactive status or removed status mediators will not.

Choosing inactive status means that you will no longer have an annual mediator fee, but you must still complete mediator education requirements.  Changing back to active status from inactive status is fairly simple and requires that you pay the annual mediator fee.

Choosing removed status means that you will no longer have an annual mediator fee or education requirements, but in order to become active again, you will have to start the registration process from the beginning.

The status change will not be immediately reflected on the portal or the public Mediator Search website, and your invoice for the mediator registration fee will not be immediately available.  Please allow up to thirty (30) days for the status change to be processed. 

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