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Creating an account

To create an account, go to http://appealsclerk.in.gov/ and click the "Create an Account" button. Follow the prompts on the screen to choose a password and security questions. You will receive a confirmation email when your account has been successfully created.

To register for the clerk's portal, you must:

  • have an Indiana bar number, mediator number or non-attorney judge number, OR
  • be invited to register as an account administrator by an attorney, mediator or judge with an existing account

Information you'll need on hand

If you are an attorney, mediator, or judge, you will need:

  • your Indiana bar number, mediator number, or non-attorney judge number,
  • the PIN number assigned to you by the Supreme Court (This number is printed on your annual statements from the Commission for Continuing Legal Education, and you should keep a record of it, as it may come in handy from time to time), AND
  • a valid email address not shared with another user of the clerk's portal

If you are an invited account administrator, you will need:

  • the email address where the invitation was sent.

Number Format

When creating your account, or when using the "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password" links on the sign-in screen, you may be prompted to enter your attorney number, your non-attorney judge number, or your mediator number. 

Attorney numbers include a sequence number (usually one to six digits), a hyphen, and the two-digit county number.  Some attorney numbers used to include letters at the end, but the use of these letters has been discontinued (see our FAQ for more information on this). When entering your attorney number, you must include the hyphen, otherwise the portal will not recognize the number.  Examples of correctly formatted attorney numbers include:

  • 12345-67
  • 1234-56
  • 123-45

Non-attorney judge numbers are formatted in the same way as attorney numbers, but also include an NA at the end.  Include the hyphen and the NA suffix when entering your non-attorney judge number.

Mediator numbers do not include hyphens and should be entered without them.

Signing in to the portal

To sign in to the portal, you will need to provide your username or email address and password.  If you cannot remember these credentials, use the "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password" link in the sign-in box and follow the prompts.  You may be asked to answer security questions, which were set up when your account was first created, or to enter your attorney or mediator number and PIN number in order to gain access to the site.  See our frequently asked questions for more information about attorney or mediator number and PIN number.

Signing in with Attorney or Mediator Number and PIN

If you do not remember your password and are unable to reset your password, sign in with the following steps:

  1. Go to http://appealsclerk.in.gov/ and click "Forgot Password" in the sign-in box

  2. Click the appropriate option under "Tell us whether you are a(n)"

  3. Do not type your username or email address; instead click "I don't remember"

  4. Enter your attorney or mediator number and PIN (case sensitive)

  5. Click "Sign In"

After you sign in, you will be taken directly to your security credentials page so you can update your password, security questions, and the email address associated with your account, if desired.

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