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Date Cause No. Order
04.03.2014 34A02-1305-JP-401 In Re The Paternity of I.B.
03.21.2014 49S02-1401-AD-30 In the Matter of the Adoption of C.A.H., Minor, J.N.E. v. L.M.H.
02.04.2014 41S01-1310-PL-634 Jesse Brown v. Indiana Department of Child Services
01.17.2014 49S02-1309-JV-595 G.H. v. State
01.16.2014 94S00-1401-MS-42 Order Concerning Henry County's Electronic Record of Judgments and Orders
01.16.2014 94S00-1401-MS-43 In the Matter of Appointments to the Commission to Expand Access to Civil Legal Services
01.09.2014 49S00-1308-JD-560 In the Matter of the Hon. Kimberly J. Brown