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Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

IURC > Consumer Assistance > Areas with Limited or No IURC Jurisdiction Areas with Limited or No IURC Jurisdiction

Although the IURC may regulate a utility company, there are some aspects of its operations that are not regulated. Additionally, some utilities can withdraw from IURC jurisdiction. Below is an overview of these non-jurisdictional issues and utility types.  

Budget Bill

The IURC requires utilities within our jurisdiction to offer a levelized billing option to their consumers but does not provide oversight to the daily administration of the programs. Although the administration of the budget billing programs is not regulated, they can be a valuable tool for regulating a monthly utility bill. Budget billing eliminates the fluctuation of monthly bills by spreading the annual estimated bill over a 12-month period. However, if the actual energy usage is greater than what you paid, your budget bill may increase. The reverse may hold true if your energy usage is less than what you paid. It is also important to note that an account may be removed from a budget billing program if the accountholder does not maintain a current billing status with the utility.

Customers seeking to file a damage claim should contact the utility directly to pursue the claim. The IURC does not have authority or jurisdiction to research or investigate damage claims.

Do Not Call/Telephone Privacy/Telemarketing Issues
All concerns about the Indiana Do Not Call List, Telephone Privacy List or telemarketing issues should be directed to the Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Indiana Attorney General toll free at 1-800-382-5516.

Extra Service Protection (E.S.P.) Plans
Extra service protection plans are optional and represent an agreement between you and your utility company. Please refer to the "Terms and Conditions" of your contract for additional information.

Generally speaking the IURC does not maintain regulatory jurisdiction over Internet Service Providers. Complaints relating to internet service should be directed to the Federal Trade Commission.

Indiana Code 8-1.5-3-9 allows municipally-owned utilities to withdraw from IURC jurisdiction upon a vote by the municipal legislative body. Also, I.C. 8-1-2.7 allows non-profit and small investor-owned water and sewer utilities to opt out of IURC jurisdiction. Once a utility is outside of the IURC’s jurisdiction, the agency no longer oversees its rates and charges or rules and regulations.

To determine if your service provider is under the jurisdiction of the IURC, please contact our office at 317-232-2701 or toll free at 1-800-851-4268. For complaints about a non-jurisdictional utility, please contact the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC) for assistance. You may also contact the locally-elected utility board or city council members who oversee utility matters within your respective city or county.

Other utility types not regulated by the Commission include: municipal sewer utilities, sewer conservancy districts, or regional sewer districts. Although these utilities are outside the Commission’s jurisdiction, you may contact the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC) for assistance.

Propane Gas/Heating Oil
The IURC does not regulate or have jurisdiction over propane gas or heating oil. Complaints relating to service providers in these industries should be directed to the Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Indiana Attorney General toll free at 1-800-382-5516.

Storm Water Charges
The IURC does not regulate storm water charges for any entity. There is no specific state agency that oversees the storm water rates, but it is a local government issue controlled by the Department of Storm Water Management as per I.C. 8-1.5-5. It is common that these charges can be related to the federally mandated Clean Water Act as water utilities strive to meet compliance standards in water pollution control.

Water Quality
The Office of Water Quality of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management is responsible for the quality of surface water and groundwater. Contact the OWQ toll free at 1- 800-451-6027 or at 1-317-232-8603.

Wireless Telephones
The IURC is able to log your complaint and forward your concerns to your provider to allow them to respond to you directly.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
VoIP allows you to make and receive phone calls using your broadband Internet connection instead of your standard phone line. The IURC does not regulate this type of telephone service; however we can mediate the complaint on your behalf.