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Nurse Office

File Cabinet - Asthma Action Plans

During an asthma attack, time is of the essence. A student’s Asthma Action Plan should be readily available and easy to read. There are many variations, so be sure to familiarize yourself and other relevant staff with each student’s Asthma Action Plan.

Inhaler - Self-Administered Medication

Indiana state law allows students with a chronic disease, such as asthma, to carry their medication at school.

Telephone - Communication

Communicate with the families and physicians of students with asthma about concerns, such as identified environmental asthma triggers and avoidance of the student’s asthma triggers.

Medicine - Medicine

Children can be allergic to ANY medication and it cause anaphylaxis, a systemic reaction, with asthma like symptoms. Children with asthma can become sensitive to aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Sensitivity to these drugs may cause an asthma attack.

Air Vent - Strong Odors

The nurses’ office can be a busy place, with sick children looking for comfort. Due to the increased number of sick children in one location, the air exchange needs to be at a greater rate to aid in cleansing the air of germs, strong odors, and irritants.