Federal Certification Survey

Last Federal Certification Survey

Surveys conducted by the Indiana State Department of Health are classified as either State Licensure Surveys or as Federal Certification Surveys. Although the surveys are conducted in similar ways and by the same personnel, the rules and regulations are different, and the results of the surveys are treated differently.

The Federal Certification Survey Table on the consumer report will present the information for the last Federal Certification Survey. That information includes the date the survey was completed. If no regulations were cited for noncompliance, the agency was considered to be in compliance. Otherwise, the number of regulations cited will be noted. The hospice will be required to submit a plan of correction (POC) for the regulations cited. When a hospice responds with an approved plan of correction, then that date is entered as the date compliance was achieved.

If there were regulations cited, they may be viewed by clicking on the date of the survey. You will be taken to an additional page that will identify and list the regulations (tags) cited.


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