Substantiated Complaints

Whenever an individual feels that a home health agency is in violation of a State or Federal law, or has caused injury, potential injury, or harm to someone under their care; they may file a complaint with the Indiana State Department of Health. It is the responsibility of the Department to investigate those complaints, and determine their validity. If the complaints are found to be valid and the actions violated a State or Federal law, the complaint is considered to be "substantiated".

To serve the public, the Indiana State Department of Health maintains a toll-free telephone number to answer the public's questions and concerns about the delivery of home health and hospice services. Staff responds to the public from 8 AM to 4:40 PM Monday through Friday and responds to voice mail taken after hours and weekends the next work day morning . The Home Health and Hospice Hotline phone number is:

1 (800) 227-6334


The Substantiated Complaints Table indicates the number of substantiated complaints for the agency and the average number of substantiated complaints for all agencies within the state, for the current year, and the last two calendar years. The "Current Year" field is determined to be from January 1 of the current year to the date the reports were generated. The state average is determined by adding all substantiated complaints for that period, and dividing by the number of agencies presented in the reports. The same calculations are used to determine the previous year's averages.