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Do you Move to Zumba? Will you Help Break a World Record?

This summer, as part of Little Red Door's Big Red Bash event on July 14, Indiana will attempt to break the world's record Zumba class by engaging over 3,000 Zumba participants on the Military Park Lawn (to join the OWH team, please email kajones@isdh.in.gov). To find out more about this popular fitness craze, OWH interviewed Cesar Acosta. Cesar is originally from Caracas, Venezuela and became a U.S. citizen in 2006. He is opening his own fitness studio, Cesar's Group Fitness Studio, this summer. For now, he can be reached at www.zumba.com under "find instructor."  Cesar is licensed to teach Zumba, Zumbatomic, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba and Zumba Gold and is certified in CPR, AED and First Aid Safety. OWH asked the following:
OWH: Why do you think Zumba has become such a popular workout in America, with over 12 million participants?
Cesar: "It's a very upbeat way to exercise by dancing. Even if you are 'not a dancer,' the music, the beat and the dance steps just make you laugh and smile. Men and women alike can enjoy exercising with their partners or by themselves. With the Zumba Fitness DVDs and Wii games available through so many sources, including infomercials, it has really become the go-to exercise. Zumba Fitness can become part of your overall health plan."
OWH: What are some of the health benefits of Zumba?
Cesar: "Great cardio! As you move to great Latin beats and international rhythms, you are working your arms, legs and lungs. You are sweating, laughing and raising those endorphin levels."
OWH: Can anyone at any fitness level can engage in Zumba? Is there a risk injury with this type of workout, and if so, what are ways women can mitigate the risk?
Cesar: "There is relatively low injury risk. You know your own body, so you Zumba to your personal level...then you grow! There are classes for everyone, including Zumbatomic for children ages 4 to 12. We get them moving and laughing! With Zumba Gold the active older adult can move to their own pace with either low or high impact. The camraderie among people who Zumba is amazing! Men, women and children move to the music and ultimately gain healthier bodies."
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Raising Awareness of Asthma Burden in May 

May is Asthma Awareness Month. Asthma is a serious health condition that can cause coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. In the United States, almost 25 million people have asthma. In Indiana, the numbers are no less alarming. As of 2010, according to the Indiana Asthma Burden Report, approximately 458,000 Indiana adults and 136,000 Indiana children reported a current diagnosis of asthma. While boys are more likely to have asthma than girls, among adults the trends are reversed. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 11.6 percent of all adult women in Indiana have a current asthma diagnosis, compared to 6.7 percent of men.
So what can women with asthma do to help manage their symptoms? If you smoke, quitting is the most important step. Smoking can make existing asthma symptoms worse and increase the number of asthma attacks a person has. In addition, studies show that smoking while pregnant can increase the risk that your child will develop asthma later on. Need help quitting? Call the Indiana Tobacco Quitline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW.
In addition to quitting smoking and avoiding tobacco, people with asthma can help control their symptoms by managing triggers in their environment. Triggers include anything that brings on asthma symptoms and they differ for each person with asthma. Some triggers include dust mites, perfumes and fragrances, mold, pet dander, cockroaches and stressful or emotional situations, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). People with asthma should talk to their doctor about developing an asthma action plan. Asthma action plans help people with asthma manage their symptoms. Plans include a list of triggers, how to avoid them, information on medications and when they should be taken and emergency telephone numbers.
Asthma is a serious health condition but it doesn’t have to slow you down! With proper management of triggers and control of symptoms, people with asthma can lead a full, healthy life. For more information on asthma and resources for Asthma Awareness Month, go to the EPA’s asthma website at www.epa.gov/asthma or the Indiana State Department of Health’s Asthma website at http://www.in.gov/isdh/24965.htm. To get involved in reducing the burden of asthma in Indiana, go to www.injac.org and become a member of the Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition. 

One Reader's Cystic Fibrosis Journey

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disease that affects over 30,000 people nationwide, including over 600 people in Indiana. The condition causes thick mucus to build up in the lungs, making breathing difficult and increasing inflammation and infection. With every infection, lung function decreases, causing more damage and leading to more infections. CF also affects the digestive track and the pancreas, with the mucus not allowing digestive enzymes to reach the intestines and break down food. This leads to CF patients experiencing difficulty absorbing nutrients they need from foods; poor growth and weight gain are a consequence. There are several types of treatments available to help clear the mucus from the lungs, and several medicines can help replace the enzymes to aid in digestion.
Laura Clem, of New Paris, Indiana, is the mother of Ethan, a three year old diagnosed with CF. She shared Ethan’s daily therapy routine with OWH:
“Ethan wears a vest that fills with air and pulsates while inhaling five different medications.  These medications help open the airways, break up mucus and fight the infection in his lungs.  Ethan does these treatments twice a day for 30 minutes.  If he gets something as simple as the common cold his treatments are increased to four times a day, totaling two hours.  With every meal, he must also swallow four pills to help him digest food and breakdown fats, proteins and nutrients. 
There are days when Ethan does not understand why he has to wear his vest, and it can be a bit of a fight.  But as his mother, I know how imperative it is that he sticks to his routine.  It is very hard to see him so upset during his therapy, however, my husband and I know it is for the best. While it was upsetting at first, we are very fortunate with the advancement in medications and therapies available for Ethan.  Our family and friends are so supportive and have joined us in our commitment to finding a cure. 
In January of this year, the FDA approved Kayldeco, the first drug to treat the underlying cause of CF. While Kayldeco only treats about 4 percent of the CF population worldwide, it is hoped that in the future it can be paired with another drug to help 90 percent or more of CF patients. The CF Foundation has pledged over $75 million to get two drugs through clinical trials with results from the first expected this year.”
Advancements in treatments have resulted in longer life spans for people with CF. Currently, the median age for someone with CF is 38 and that age is gradually increasing. The CF Foundation funds research to help target the underlying cause of CF, as well as new therapies that treat the various symptoms of the disease and improve the quality of life. To support their research efforts, the CF Foundation holds the annual Great Strides: Taking Steps to Cure Cystic Fibrosis fundraising walk. In 2011, nearly $38 million was raised for the cause. Visit the Great Strides website to learn more.

OWH would like to remind you that it is a perfect time to get out and be active and support the charities of your choice by participating in fundraising walks. By committing to participate, you set up a perfect training goal! Here are a few races happening throughout the state:
Northern: Memorial Sunburst Races, June 2 - Supporting the Memorial Children's Hospital, this race begins at the College Football Hall of Fame and ends at Notre Dame Stadium.
Central: Race Away From Domestic Violence, August 11 - Supporting the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, this 5K Walk/Run/Wheelchair Roll will begin and end at Victory Field, home of the Indianapolis Indians.
Southern: SIS Women's TRYathlon, June 10 - Hosted by the Knox County Community Foundation, this race takes place in Vincennes and supports the work of Sisters in Service (SIS).
To find more races throughout Indiana and the rest of the country, visit Running in the USA.
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A Note from Anthem BC/BS, OWH Women's Health Screening Event Sponsor

This week (May 13-19, 2012) is National Women’s Health Week, and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is marking the occasion by reminding their female Hoosier Healthwise and Healthy Indiana Plan members that it pays to get an annual checkup.
Women, especially mothers, often make themselves their last priority. During National Women’s Health Week, we are reminding women that the greatest gift they can give their loved ones is to take care of their own health.
We highly recommend that every woman go to her doctor each year for a well-woman exam, or checkup. During that visit, your doctor may talk with you about health and wellness issues like healthy eating, exercise, how to stop using tobacco, dental health and how to prevent injuries.
Anthem’s preventive health guidelines for women include getting the following screenings every year (or as their doctor suggests):
  • Blood pressure
  • Height and weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
Women should also talk to their primary medical providers about when and how often to get screened for breast and cervical cancers and cholesterol. They should also ask their doctor about any recommended vaccines, like influenza (flu) and Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis).
 Anthem is also supporting a variety of events around Indiana in the coming weeks to help promote the health of women and children. To learn more, visit www.myhealthyvisit.com and click “Healthy Living.”
Kimberly Roop, M.D.
Medical Director
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
*To learn more about Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, visit www.anthem.com/inmedicaid or call 1-866-408-6131 (TTY 1-866-408-7188).

May 2012

May 13-19:

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Upcoming Events

May 14 & 15: The Weight of the Nation on HBO. Watch HBO or HBO.com to see the four-part documentary series, The Weight of the Nation, presented by HBO in collaboration with the Institute of Medicine. Visit The Weight of the Nation website to learn more.
May 14-18: Raphael Health Center National Women's Health Week Screening, Raphael Health Center, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Pap smears, mammograms, diabetes testing, HIV testing, referrals and education classes available. To schedule an appointment, call 317-926-1507.
May 15: Little Red Door Cancer Agency's Open House Event, Little Red Door Agency, 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Free wig, medical supplies and educational presentations available. Please RSVP to 317-925-5595.
May 16: Bluebelle's Baby Shower, Free event for new and expecting moms, Howard Regional Health System, Kokomo, 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Gifts, speakers, information and light lunch all included. Contact Becky at 812-249-3920 to attend.
May 17 & 24: Grocery Store Tours, Community Health Network, 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. May 17- Kroger at 10th and Shadeland; May 24- Kroger at 71st and Binford.
May 23: Fit for Life Coalition Top 10 Rally at YMCA Indy Bike Hub City Market, downtown, 10:30 a.m. Must RSVP to Nicole Warm at nwarm@indymca.org; first 25 in attendance will win chance at a free lunch. IU Health CEO Dan Evans and other speakers scheduled to discuss plans to help make Indy a healthier city!
June 14 & 15: Indiana Rural Health Conference, JW Marriott Indianapolis. Visit Indiana Rural Health to register.
June 21: Start Strong Indianapolis and Young Actors Theatre present the play "Don't u luv me?," Free for summer youth programs, Central Library, 1 p.m. Please RSVP by June 15th to Kelly at kbremer@iuhealth.org with your group's reservation.  
August 24: WFYI Public Media's Women, Wisdom & Wellness Conference, Presented by St. Vincent Women's Services, Indianapolis Downtown Marriott, 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Enjoy health screenings and presentations. Visit http://bit.ly/IYZkBP to register and for more information.
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Check This Out!

Join Little Red Door Cancer Agency at the City Market every Wednesday in June from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. for "Eat Well, Live Well" cooking demonstrations. Guest chefs in June will be First Lady of Indiana, Mrs. Cheri Daniels, and First Lady of Indianaplis, Mrs. Winnie Ballard!

If you're in the Fort Wayne area, be sure to listen in to WBOI 89.1 FM on Wednesdays from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. for their Health 360 program which takes a look at health issues that affect our families, schools, community, and world. Allen County Health Commissioner Deborah McMahan, M.D. helps anchor the show!

If you haven't already, please take a look at the last issue, May 2012, of the Indianapolis Woman magazine, starting at page 58,  online at: http://bit.ly/IWe0Qd
OWH writes a letter encouraging women to take time out for the health for National Women's Health Week in this month's issue and delivers content for the expert panel Q & A within the special section.  It is with great admiration and respect that we wish Mary Weiss, OWH Advisory Board member, all the best in her new endeavors.
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Indiana Celebrates Women's Health Week

Be sure to visit the OWH website to view National Women's Health Week events across the state. And while you're there, view the Governor's Proclamation marking May 13-19 as Indiana's Women's Health Week!
Pictures from the "Make Lupus Matter: An Educational Forum" event on May 10, 2012, hosted by OWH and the "It's Your Time! For A Better You" event on May 14th will be posted to our website by Thursday, May 16. Please check back to take a look!
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May in Pictures

Lupus Event 2012

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson speaking at the "Make Lupus Matter" event on May 10, 2012, to launch women's health week and World Lupus Day.

May 2012 planning commitee

Jan Ferris, LFA Indiana Chapter, Morella Dominguez, IMHC and Morgan McGill, OWH, pictured with Make Lupus Matter event Emcee, Lauren Lowery of WISHTV, Channel 8.

Finger stick May 14 May issue

Registrant at May 14 screening event in Indianapolis Artsgarden receives finger stick for blood glucose testing. More than 50 women participated in the National Women's Screening Day event. Marion County Health Department workers assist with her test.

May 2012 Picture This!

OWH staff and actors from the Picture This! interactive theatre group, Community Health Network Health Promotion Services, on May 14 at the Indianapolis Artsgarden.

WON image May 2012

Don't forget to watch on May 15 on HBO!