ISDH Available Internship Opportunities

Below are a list of current opportunities available at ISDH.  Please be aware that availability can change at any time without notice.  Many internships with ISDH are for graduates students.  Occasionally some undergraduates may be accepted.  For more undergraduate opportunities please see a listing of local health departments who are open to accept interns.  Please forward your resume along with the Internship Application and Health Student Intern Questionnaire.


Internship with Trauma and Injury Prevention

Timeline: Fall 2017; 1 Intern needed.

Description: The Division of Trauma and Injury Prevention at ISDH is looking for an intern for the Fall of 2017 for at least 200 hours. The intern will work with the Indiana Violent Death Reporting System (INVDRS) team and gain experience working on a federal CDC-funded grant. The intern will work at all levels of the program including developing data reports and briefs for stakeholders and data providers using SAS and Excel, working with data providers, records abstraction and analysis. Examples of responsibilities include:

  • Resource gathering/review of other state reports/handouts
  • INVDRS Data Briefs
  • INVDRS Data Provider Report Template
  • Records collection and data provider interaction
  • Data Management/Abstraction

Qualifications:  The work schedule can be flexible and there is a potential for continuing the internship into a final project. The Ideal candidate is a graduate or undergraduate student in a public health related major with a background or interest in data analysis and public health communication.  

Interested applicants please complete the above application and questionnaire and send an updated resume and a brief note explaining why you are interested to the Office of Public Health Performance Management at  Supervision will be under Rachel Kenny, INVDRS Epidemiologist.


Accreditation Internship with the Office of Public Health Performance Management

Timeline: Summer/Fall 2017; 1 Intern needed to assist with Office of Public Health Performance Management

Job Description:  The Accreditation Intern within the Office of Public Health Performance Management (OPHPM) will be responsible for assisting the accreditation coordinator and the internal ISDH accreditation team in collecting, curating, and creating policies that meet standards for voluntary public health accreditation. Focus of this internship will be assisting the agency in updated the State Health Assessment, State Health Improvement Plan, and the agency’s strategic plan. Intern will be working with a vast spectrum of internal and external stakeholders spanning the 10 essential public health services. Intern will work in sync with workforce development coordinator, accreditation team, as well as division and program directors across the agency.

State Health Assessment/State Health Improvement Plan

  • Assist with logistical support of Indiana Health Improvement Plan (IHIP) meetings
    • IHIP meetings consist of stakeholders from over 150 stakeholders. Intern will be responsible for detailed notetaking, agenda development, engaging stakeholders, identifying indicators, and other duties.
  • Assist with primary data collection
    • An important part of the state health assessment is collecting primary data from Indiana residents. This could include: focus groups, key informant interviews, and surveys. Intern will be responsible for researching other states’ approaches, and helping author and deploy primary data collection strategy.
  • Assist with developing agency strategic plan
    • A major component of the accreditation process is the development of a current strategic plan for ISDH. Intern will be responsible for assisting OPHPM in the strategic planning process. This will include: researching other accredited states’ strategic plan; providing logistical support for internal meetings; taking detailed notes; reporting progress to internal stakeholders


  • Highly competent bachelor’s level student or Master in Public Health Student

Interested applicants please send an updated resume and a brief note explaining why you are interested to the Office of Public Health Performance Management at  Supervision will be under Patricia Truelove, Accreditation Coordinator of Office of Public Health Performance Management. 


Local Health Department Outreach Division Internship

Timeline: Summer/Fall 2017; 1 Intern needed to assist with Local Health Department Outreach Division.

Intern will report to the Director of the Local Health Department Outreach Division at the Indiana State Department of Health.

Job Description:

  • Intern will be asked to research successful public health departments across the United States as reported and measured by national health metrics such as America’s Health Rankings or the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps.
  • Intern will provide a written report detailing the type of governance structure, staffing levels, and funding levels and sources.
  • Intern will identify and report on common characteristics of successful public health departments.
  • Intern will also research other factors that can impact public health performance such as the physical environment, the existence or absence of various public health laws, and educational requirements for staff. 
  • Intern’s research and analysis will provide a basis for improving public health performance in Indiana.


  • Candidates must be enrolled in credit hours at a university or in an accredited program to be considered for this internship opportunity.
  • Preferred candidates will be a graduate students in good academic standing that have completed significant work towards a combined JD/MPH or JD/MHA degree with an interest and demonstrated expertise in public health matters and public health legal research. 
  • Knowledge of public health performance measures and public health terminology is required.
  • Candidates should possess strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills, as well as proficiency with Microsoft Office.
  • Experience with Survey Monkey and REDCap preferred.

Interested applicants please send an updated resume and a brief note explaining why you are interested to the Office of Public Health Performance Management at  Supervision will be under David Hopper, Director of Local Health Department Outreach Division. 


Information Security Internship

Timeline: Fall 2017; 1-2 interns

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Significant work toward graduate degree in computer science or related field; recent graduates with Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science ore related field will be considered
  • Familiarity with regulatory and legal requirements, specifically HIPAA, PCI, and Sox
  • Familiarity with common Web Application Security risks (e.g. Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Authentication and Session Management)
  • Microsoft Office skills (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, and Outlook)
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to work effectively with IT and business units
  • Ability to administer information security programs including risk assessments, audits and forensic research, developing policies, gathering metrics, and reporting status
  • Technical security resources as it pertains to reviewing and recommending vulnerabilities assessments
  • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize and multi-task
  • Ability to work efficiently and independently with minimal supervision (i.e. self-motivated and willing to stretch to meet important deadlines)
  • Ability to work successfully in a cross-functional team environment
  • Ability To multi-task, prioritize and be detail-oriented
  • Strong team player in a dynamic environment


  • Perform security audits, risk analysis, and manage corrective action implementation and tracking of corrective actions or remediation strategy
  • Assist in developing security awareness materials, security presentations, and information security training sessions
  • Monitor and track security incidents to remediation
  • Perform security reviews on projects and applications

Interested applicants please send an updated resume and a brief note explaining why you are interested to the Office of Public Health Performance Management at  Supervision will be under Andrew Thomas. 


Epidemiology Resource Center/IT

Availability: 2

Time Line: Summer/Fall 2017

Student Skill Requirements:

  • Proficient with one or more of the following: ASP.Net, VB.Net., C# or other widely used applications development tool
  • Have knowledge of database concepts and some experience in Oracle DB
  • Ability to work in a team environment, with multiple and fluid demands
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Ability to maintain effective and professional working relationships with internal and external customers, and vendors

Job Description: This position will provide intermediate level technical support for the Epidemiology Resource Center with their epidemiological data.  This position is responsible for mapping form fields to data fields in the database, answering ad hoc data requests from the disease epidemiologists, conducting quality assurance testing of the systems upgrades.  This position will work as part of a development team as well as independently on projects.  Knowledge of data design is highly desired.   Below is a summary of responsibilities:

  • Mapping out form fields to data fields
  • Writing queries and/or creating views to extract data
  • Any other data related tasks
  • Provide assistance in system testing for upgrades to the application
  • Report progress to a supervisor on the team

Interested applicants please send an updated resume and a brief note explaining why you are interested to the Office of Public Health Performance Management at  Supervision will be under Forrest Gaston.