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Indiana State Department of Health

PHPM Home > Internship Program > ISDH Available Internship Opportunities ISDH Available Internship Opportunities

Below are a list of current opportunities available at ISDH.  Please be aware that availability can change at any time without notice.  Many internships with ISDH are for graduates students.  Occasionally some undergraduates may be accepted.  For more undergraduate opportunities please see a listing of local health departments who are open to accept interns.  Please forward your resume along with the Internship Application and Health Student Intern Questionnaire.


Information Security Internship

Timeline: Fall, Spring, Summer; 1-2 interns for each session

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Significant work toward graduate degree in computer science or related field; recent graduates with Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science ore related field will be considered
  • Familiarity with regulatory and legal requirements, specifically HIPAA, PCI, and Sox
  • Familiarity with common Web Application Security risks (e.g. Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Authentication and Session Management)
  • Microsoft Office skills (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, and Outlook)
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to work effectively with IT and business units
  • Ability to administer information security programs including risk assessments, audits and forensic research, developing policies, gathering metrics, and reporting status
  • Technical security resources as it pertains to reviewing and recommending vulnerabilities assessments
  • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize and multi-task
  • Ability to work efficiently and independently with minimal supervision (i.e. self-motivated and willing to stretch to meet important deadlines)
  • Ability to work successfully in a cross-functional team environment
  • Ability To multi-task, prioritize and be detail-oriented
  • Strong team player in a dynamic environment


  • Perform security audits, risk analysis, and manage corrective action implementation and tracking of corrective actions or remediation strategy
  • Assist in developing security awareness materials, security presentations, and information security training sessions
  • Monitor and track security incidents to remediation
  • Perform security reviews on projects and applications

Interested applicants please send an updated resume and a brief not explaining why you are interested to the Office of Public Health Performance Management at .  Supervision will be under Andrew Thomas. 


Epidemiology Resource Center/IT

Availability: 2

Time Line: Fall 2016

Student Skill Requirements:

  • Proficient with one or more of the following: ASP.Net, VB.Net., C# or other widely used applications development tool
  • Have knowledge of database concepts and some experience in Oracle DB
  • Ability to work in a team environment, with multiple and fluid demands
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Ability to maintain effective and professional working relationships with internal and external customers, and vendors

Job Description: This position will provide intermediate level technical support for the Epidemiology Resource Center with their epidemiological data.  This position is responsible for mapping form fields to data fields in the database, answering ad hoc data requests from the disease epidemiologists, conducting quality assurance testing of the systems upgrades.  This position will work as part of a development team as well as independently on projects.  Knowledge of data design is highly desired.   Below is a summary of responsibilities:

  • Mapping out form fields to data fields
  • Writing queries and/or creating views to extract data
  • Any other data related tasks
  • Provide assistance in system testing for upgrades to the application
  • Report progress to a supervisor on the team

Interested applicants please send an updated resume and a brief not explaining why you are interested to the Office of Public Health Performance Management at .  Supervision will be under Forrest Gaston. 


Youth Risk Behavior Survey - Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity

Time Line:  Fall 2016

Description:  Position assists with the survey needs within the Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity (DNPA).  Particular emphasis is given to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) and working to ensure that the YRBS is administered to schools in accordance with CDC guidelines for the purpose of obtaining weighted data.  The YRBS is a statewide survey asked of 9-12 grade students, and this position will focus largely on a subsample of schools that are participating in a DNPA grant.  The data from this survey is used to assess progress toward long-term and intermediate performance measures as outlined in the aforementioned grant, as well as in state and national reports.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Assist in the administration of the YRBS within the DNPA subsample
  • Assist in the administration of other DNPA surveys, as needed
  • Obtain clearance from high schools in the DNPA subsample
  • Communicate on a regular basis with school administrators and staff, local survey administrators and other partners
  • If needed, help to train survey administrators and provide ongoing technical assistance
  • Create survey packets and mail survey materials to administrators and/or schools
  • Maintain a master survey schedule and log of participating schools
  • Monitor progress toward goals and provide frequent progress reports to the DNPA Director and DNPA epidemiologist
  • Receive completed surveys and prepare them for data analysis
  • Work closely with the Coordinators of the Youth Tobacco Survey and the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, specifically regarding overlapping schools

Job Requirements:

  • Interest in public health, health science, statistics, epidemiology, health education, or related area preferred
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills; able to maintain strong, consistent and courteous communication with schools
  • Able to work independently
  • Able to work under pressure and tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to be flexible, multitask, and prioritize

Working Conditions:

  • Work will take place indoors in a routine office environment; some travel may be required
  • Hours are flexible, however a commitment of approximately 20 hours/week is preferable
  • Start and end dates are flexible, however a minimum commitment of three months is preferable

This internship will be preceptored by Jenny Durica, Epidemiologist, in the Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity.


Vaccine-Preventable Disease - Epidemiologist Internship Opportunity

GPA Preferred: 3.0

Time Line: Spring 2017

Student Skill Requirements: Candidates will be graduate level students pursuing a degree in public health or a related field.  We are looking for candidates that have statistical analysis experience and at least a basic understanding of vaccine-preventable diseases.  Additionally, we would prefer who has a demonstrated interest in epidemiology and/or program planning.

Job Description: The intern will be located within the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) Epidemiology Resource Center (ERC), and work alongside the Vaccine-Preventable Disease Epidemiologist to experience working on case reporting, investigation, and outbreak response.  The intern would have the opportunity to actively participate in the following routine activities:

  • Conducting daily VPD surveillance using the Indiana National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (INEDSS).
  • Contributing to social media messaging related to infectious disease epidemiology
  • Reviewing and closing out investigations for reportable vaccine-preventable diseases using INDESS
  • Using SAS to identify trends in disease prevalence and underlying factors and to develop tools for more efficient data analysis
  • Completing outbreak reports and other outbreak reports and other outbreak-related materials if needed
  • Contributing to website content and development for the vaccine-preventable disease sections of ISDH ERC website

In addition to the day to day activities, the intern would contribute to the ISDH ERC by completing a project during his or her time at the state.  The intern may choose from the several possible project ideas listed below to work with the ISDH preceptor to determine another appropriate project:

  • Develop SAS code to efficiently produce reports for required Immunization grant data
  • Assess completeness of electronic surveillance data for vaccine-preventable diseases, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop a program plan to execute proposed changes
  • Identify gaps in case reporting between INEDSS and the emergency department syndromic surveillance system (PHESS) for vaccine-preventable diseases
  • Evaluate provider and local health department use of various platforms to consume and inform VPN surveillance and outbreak investigation and determine opportunities for improved collaboration and communication

Interested applicants please send an updated resume and a brief note explaining why you are interested to the Office of Public Health Performance Management at .  Supervision will be under Mugha Golwalkar in our VPD division.


Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity - Worksite Wellness

Time Line: Summer 2016

GPA Requirements:

Student Skill Requirements: Has or is receiving their Masters in Public Health, Wellness, Nutrition/Dietetics, Health Coaching, Health Policy, or Community Health. This intern should have experience in health policy and health promotion.

Job Description:  Interns in our department will learn to be a 'jack of all trades' in the field of Nutrition and Physical Activity.  Because obesity is a serious health concern (Indiana is the 7th most obese state in the nation) DNPA must be creative when it comes to how we utilize our limited staff and funding.  Most of our staff has a broad base of knowledge and understanding when it comes to strategies to help decrease our obesity rate.  Interns will learn about these strategies, best practices, and how those practices are implemented across the state.  Interns will also learn how obesity prevention can reduce the risk for the top killers in Indiana - including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer.  They will have the opportunity to interact with other divisions in the agency including: Chronic Disease, Office of Women's Health, Maternal and Child Health, and Office of Public Affairs.

The main focus of this intern will be on worksite wellness health promotion efforts to improve healthy eating, physical activity, and breastfeeding.  Specifically, this intern will be responsible for designing and implementing a health promotion effort to get more individuals to shop the healthy foods in government building snack shops.  Other responsibilities will include working with the ISDH breastfeeding taskforce to create a breastfeeding policy document for employers.  Additionally, this intern will work on an ISDH health meeting policy to be implemented in the agency, and hopefully disseminated to other State government agencies as a model.  Nutrition/dietetics and wellness students will be tasked with content creation and subject matter expertise.  They will be responsible for putting their knowledge into a public health and health promotion lens.

Individuals with Masters in Public Health will be responsible for understanding how to write and implement important wellness policies for internal and external employers.  They must understand the implications of policy change, identify worthwhile policy, and learn how to reason through challenges and evaluate outcomes.

Learning will take place through hands on, directed projects that will make a real impact on DNPA.  Interns will have the opportunity to come away with a tangible product that can be highlighted on resumes and work profiles.  Interns will also have the chance to attend meetings with staff, professional development opportunities such as trainings and events, and be a part of a dynamic, vibrant public health team.

Interested applicants please send an updated resume and a brief note explaining why you are interested to the Office of Public Health Performance Management at .  Supervision will be under Eden Bezy in our Nutrition and Physical Activity Division.


Division of Trauma and Injury Prevention

Time Line: Fall 2016

GPA Requirements: 3.0 preferred but not required

Student Skill Requirements: Candidates will have completed or plan on completing, but not limited to: Health Communication, Health Provider-Consumer Communication, Performance Measurement and Program Evaluation and Healthcare Marketing, Introduction to Epidemiology, Biostatistics I and II and course work utilizing SAS.  We are looking for candidates that have a desire to work with both data and quality improvement in supporting hospitals becoming verified trauma centers.  The candidate should have a strong writing skills, Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) knowledge, Microsoft Excel experience, and quality improvement skills.

Job Description: All hospitals with emergency departments and rehabilitation facilities have the statutory responsibility to report their trauma related data to the Indiana Trauma Registry via ImageTrend (the state's data repository vendor).  The intern will work alongside the Database Analyst Epidemiologist and Trauma System PI Manager to compile trauma data quality reports to ensure data accuracy, help develop EMS statewide, district-specific and traumatic injury reports, create monthly ITN quizzes and calculate results, compile articles for the Division's monthly newsletter and attend meetings accordingly.

Interested applicants please send an updated resume and a brief note explaining why you are interested to the Office of Public Health Performance Management at .  Supervision will be under Katie Hokanson in our Trauma and Injury Prevention Division.


Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission

Timeline: Spring 2017

Student Skill Requirements/Preferred Qualifications: Bachelors Degree in Public Health, Health Sciences, or related field preferred but not required; ability to comprehend, analyze, interpret, and correlate very technical material; working knowledge of Microsoft Excel; experience with coding and analysis of large data sets preferred.

Job Description: Intern will work with Research and Evaluation Department primarily, and may assist with data entry and analysis tasks; media clipping, coding, and archiving; as well as other ad-hoc tasks.

Organization/Agency Description and Clientele Served: The Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission's vision is to significantly improve the health of Hoosiers and to reduce the disease and economic burden that tobacco use places on Hoosiers of all ages.

The Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission exists to prevent and reduce the use of all tobacco products in Indiana and to protect citizens from exposure to tobacco smoke.  The Board will coordinate and allocate resources from the Trust Fund to:

  • Change the cultural perception and social acceptability of tobacco use in Indiana
  • Prevent initiation of tobacco use by Indiana youth
  • Assist tobacco users in cessation
  • Assist in reduction and protection from secondhand smoke
  • Support the enforcement of tobacco laws concerning the sale of tobacco to youth and use the tobacco by youth
  • Eliminate minority health disparities related tobacco use and emphasize prevention and reduction of tobacco use by minorities, pregnant women, children, youth and other at-risk populations

Interested applicants please send an updated resume and a brief note explaining why you are interested to the Office of Public Health Performance Management at