Background of MIECHV

On March 23, 2010, the President signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) . The Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program was created through a provision of the ACA and responds to the diverse needs of children and families in communities at risk.

MIECHV provides an unprecedented opportunity for collaboration and partnership at the Federal, State, and community levels to improve health and development outcomes for at-risk children through evidence-based home visiting programs.

In Indiana, the Department of Child Services and the Indiana State Department of Health were chosen to be co-lead agencies for the MIECHV Program.

Program Goal

The overall goal of Indiana’s Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program is to improve health and development outcomes for children and families who are at risk.

This state goal will be accomplished through the following objectives:

  • Provide appropriate home visiting services to women residing in Indiana (based on need) who are low-income and high-risk, as well as their infants and families;
  • Develop a system of coordinated services statewide of existing and newly developed home visiting programs in order to provide appropriate, targeted, and unduplicated services and referrals to all children, mothers, and families who are high-risk throughout Indiana;
  • Coordinate necessary services outside of home visiting programs to address needs of participants, which may include: mental health, primary care, dental health, children with special needs, substance use, childhood injury prevention, child abuse/neglect/maltreatment, school readiness, employment training, and adult education programs.


These goals will be measured in six Federal benchmark areas:

  • Improved maternal and newborn health;
  • Reduction in child injuries, abuse, neglect, or maltreatmentand reduction of emergency department visits;
  • Improvements in school readiness and achievement;
  • Crime or domestic violence;
  • Family economic self-sufficiency;
  • Coordination and referrals for other community resources.


Indiana’s MIECHV

Indiana’s MIECHV grants are currently funding two evidence-based home visiting programs:

  • Healthy Families Indiana
    Based on a needs assessment, existing Healthy Families Indiana sites in Elkhart, Grant, Lake, LaPorte, Marion, St. Joseph, Scott Counties were chosen to receive MIECHV funding for expansion of services.
  • Nurse-Family Partnership
    Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana is implementing Nurse-Family Partnership in Marion County.


In addition to the Formula funding that each state that fulfilled grant obligations will be receiving, Indiana won a Competitive grant. This grant was awarded to nine states that have sufficiently demonstrated the interest and capacity to expand and/or enhance their evidence-based home visiting programs to improve outcomes for children and families who reside in high-risk communities.

Grant Awards:

Fiscal Year 2010 Formula Grant: $1,628,835
               Budget Period: 07/15/2012 – 09/30/2012
               Project Period: 07/15/2010 – 09/30/2012
Fiscal Year 2011 Formula Grant: $2,218,380
               Budget Period: 09/30/2011 – 09/29/2013
               Project Period: 09/30/2011 – 09/29/2013
Fiscal Year 2011 Competitive Grant: $9,145,337
               Budget Period: 09/30/2011 – 09/29/2012
               Project Period: 09/30/2011 – 09/29/2015


Please click on the following links to view the following documents pertaining to the MIECHV grant:
Federal Legislation
Funding Opportunity Announcement
Supplemental Information Request
Indiana’s Needs Assessment for the MIECVH Program
Updated State Plan Guidance
Indiana’s Updated State Plan
Competitive Guidance
Indiana’s Competitive Application
FY11 Formula Guidance
Indiana’s FY11 Formula Application

For more information about the federal MIECHV grant, please go to: http://mchb.hrsa.gov/


For more information about the programs mentioned, please click on the following links or logos (press Control + left click):

Healthy Families America: http://www.healthyfamiliesamerica.org/home/index.shtml
Healthy Families Indiana: http://www.in.gov/dcs/2459.htm




Additional Information

What are the enrollment criteria for each program?

The two programs funded by MIECHV have differing enrollment criteria. A broad overview is listed below:

Nurse-Family Partnership:

  • First time mother
  • Low income
  • Identified before 28th week of pregnancy


Healthy Families Indiana:

  • Client is identified in third trimester of pregnancy through three months postpartum
  • 250% of federal poverty line
  • One member of family must have a social security number
  • Positive screen on Eight Item Screen, including the following:
    • Single marital status
    • Inadequate income/no information/income from disability
    • Unstable housing
    • Education under 12 years
    • History of/current substance abuse
    • History of/current psychiatric care
    • Marital or family problems
    • History of/current depression
  • Score above a 40 on an assessment that measures various risk factors


Which Indiana communities are receiving MIECHV funding?

There are seven counties receiving MIECHV funding, which are listed below for each program.

Nurse-Family Partnership is serving the following county:

  • Marion


Healthy Families Indiana is serving the following counties (some areas specified by zip code):

  • Elkhart
  • Grant
  • Lake (2 sites serving zip codes: 46320, 46312, 46327, 46406, 46202, 46408, 46407)
  • LaPorte
  • Marion (3 sites)
  • St. Joseph (serving zip codes: 46601, 46619, 46628, 46613, 46544, 46614, 46561, 46617)
  • Scott


How can I find out more about making a referral to/enrolling in a MIECHV-funded program?

For more information about either making a referral to or enrolling in either a MIECHV-funded Healthy Families Indiana or Nurse-Family Partnership program, please contact the programs directly. Contact information for each program can be found below.

Nurse-Family Partnership: (317) 524-3999 or nfp@goodwillindy.org

Healthy Families Indiana: http://www.in.gov/dcs/2459.htm (click on Healthy Families in your community to find contact information for your specific community)