Monthly Summary Reports (MSRs)

Monthly Summary Reports (MSRs)

MSRs are due by 5 pm EDT on the first business day after the 14th of the following month. Most of the time, MSRs will be due by 5 pm EST on the 15th of the following month. However, if the 15th falls on a weekend, then MSRs are due by 5 pm EDT the following Monday.

If you have questions about completing the MSR (either within INSTEP or on the paper forms below), please contact Christine Pokrajac, Newborn Screening Follow-up Coordinator, at 317.233.7019 or


Indiana Newborn Screening Tracking & Education Program (INSTEP)

The Indiana Newborn Screening Tracking & Education Program (INSTEP) includes a web-based application that allows birthing facilities to submit their MSRs online.  ISDH is now requiring all birthing facilities to submit MSR data through INSTEP. 

INSTEP training for Heelstick & Pulse Oximetry MSR users is available online.  For registration instructions, please contact Steve Scroggins, Newborn Screening, with your name, facility name, e-mail address, phone number, & type(s) of MSR(s) that you will be completing (Heelstick, Pulse Oximetry, or both). 

NOTE:  Each person who wishes to access INSTEP must contact ISDH, register for the Gateway & INSTEP, view all appropriate trainings, & successfully pass all training quizzes before INSTEP access will be granted. Facilities may not register additional personnel with the Gateway or INSTEP without having each new user register for a Gateway account & pass all necessary INSTEP trainings. Users may not share user names or passwords for INSTEP. Registering untrained personnel & sharing user names/passwords are violations of ISDH's security policies.


INSTEP User Guides


INSTEP User Guide - Heelstick MSR

INSTEP User Guide - Pulse Oximetry MSR




Paper MSR Forms

Heelstick MSR Forms

Instructions for completing Heelstick Monthly Summary Report (MSR) form

Heelstick Monthly Summary Report (MSR) form

Heelstick MSR FAQs

Pulse Oximetry MSR Forms

Instructions for completing Pulse Oximetry MSR form

Pulse Oximetry MSR form

Pulse Oximetry MSR FAQs


Refusal of Newborn Screening

Indiana's newborn screening law states that the only legal reason parents/guardians can refuse newborn screening is if they object based on their religious beliefs and if the objection is documented in writing.

If your facility uses its own form for refusal of newborn screening (instead of the state Religious Waiver form), the form should clearly state that parents/legal guardians are refusing newborn screening (including heelstick, hearing screening, and/or pulse oximetry screening) based on their religious beliefs.  ISDH will no longer accept generic "refusal of newborn care" forms as documentation of religious refusal of newborn screening.

Download a copy of the current state Religious Waiver Form here.