North Webster Elementary School


Good Practice Model

North Webster Elementary School

Successful model:
North Webster Elementary School (600 students)
Cynthia Cline, LPN

General Information:
This fall marks the 6th fall that Mrs. Cline has measured the students. She notifies a classroom teacher that it is time for their classroom to be measured. She asks the students to lineup in alphabetical order and have their shoes removed before entering her clinic. It takes a short time to measure and record (15 minutes for each class). She avoids lunch time (11:00-1:00). The whole process takes only a week. She has measured up to 94% of her students.

Good Tips:

  1. Picture Day is generally a good day to measure students because few students are absent. Other good days include visual and hearing screening days.
  2. P.E./Health teachers are receptive to having students measured during class.
  3. Winter can be a good time to measure students as the time of the year seems calmer.
  4. It’s helpful to have one person record and one person measure.
  5. It’s helpful to build measurements into a gym class rotation as students are going from one activity to the other. Therefore, there is less focus on what the weight numbers are for the other students.
  6. Digital scales are quicker (must be calibrated). You may borrow one from a
    wrestling coach.
  7. Sticking to one central location can be beneficial so you do not have to relocate the
    measuring tape and scale.

Interviewed and reported by Joanna Cornwell, the Governor’s Fellow, October 17, 2005