Throop Elementary School and Paoli Junior High School


Good Practice Model

Throop Elementary Schooland Paoli Junior Senior High School

Successful model:
Assistant Superintendent: Dr. Vic Combs
Superintendent: Dr. Alva L. Sibbitt Jr.
Principles: Sharon Tucker and Jerry Stroud
Schools: Throop Elementary School and Paoli Junior Senior High School
Approximate School Size: 1700

General Information
Dr. Combs believes there is a problem and supporting staff is important. They plan to incorporate the height and weight data collection project with the wellness policy and conduct a survey to determine what needs to be done in their schools. They see this as an opportunity to enforce the wellness policy and create a program. The physical education department in the high school has collected heights and weights of children in previous years as well as the elementary school as part of a special project.

Advice to schools who have not decided
The more baseline data we have the more meaningful activities we can implement. We owe it to the kids.