For Kids

USDA for Kids
Various activities on food safety and Team Nutrition-an initiative that supports Children Nutrition Programs

Dairy Council of California Food Pyramid Game
Pyramid game that tests knowledge of food groups

North Carolina Department of Agriculture
Use the paintbrush to color these fun pages of the Food Guide Pyramid.

Dole 5 A Day*
Fruit and Vegetable cartoons, fun games for kids and families teaching the importance of nutrition and physical activity, a supporter of the CDC initiative 5-A-Day

Nutrition for Kids*
Fruity Fun and Nightmare on Veggie Street activities and kid friendly recipes

Nutrition Café*
Grab a Grape game, Nutrition Sleuth, and Have-A-Bite Café that shows the nutrition value of the food you are eating.

Power Panther-USDA
Food pyramid information and animations of the power panther

Kids Health*
Recipes, activities, and nutrition information

USA Pears*
Activities and information from Pear Bear and Pear Buddies

National Dairy Council*
Monsters, Dragons, Adventure Nutrition Games, School Wellness policies, and recipes

Kid’s World Nutrition*
Food Pyramid, Nutrition Label, and 5-A-Day information

VERB for Kids
Find places to play sports and provides games and athletic activity ideas for kids

Body and Mind
CDC Website that has games and activities regarding fitness, nutrition, and social pressures

Produce for Better Health*
This website promotes Color Your Way for eating fruits and vegetables and other activities for kids.

Healthy Choices*
This site includes storybooks and lesson plans teaching about healthy eating.

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