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2009 INFluence Women's Health Initiative:  Igniting Your Passion for Healthy Hearts

INFluence Overview

INFluence (Indiana Female Leaders Unite) provides an avenue by which powerful Hoosier women (leaders in government, business, health care, education, media, and faith-based and community organizations) are:

  • Educated about critical women’s health issues;
  • Given a charge to educate about and advocate for women’s health in their own spheres of influence, and 
  • Provided with toolkits to help them accomplish this goal.

Current Action Item

Action Item #9:  Maintain a network to coordinate statewide efforts aimed at increasing awareness of gender differences, improving policy, and leveraging funds for heart health promotion in Indiana.

To see a report and a presentation evaluating the 2009-2010 INFluence initiative, click here. Check out the action items in bold below to learn about what the Women of INFluence have been working on since the September 2009 forum. Click on the links to access the tools and resources.

Indiana's Call to Action

Top 9 List, Volume III

The Top 9 List, Volume III, is a list of 9 action steps at all levels of society that women of INFluence can complete to improve heart health in Indiana:

Individual Level

1.   Know your numbers.  Visit your doctor for a yearly check-up and be aware of your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and other indicators of heart health.

2.  Commit to improving your own heart health by doing at least one of the following:

    • Increasing physical activity;
    • Eating a more balanced, healthier diet;
    • Eliminating tobacco;
    • Managing stress more effectively.

3.   Learn the early warning signs of a heart attack, especially those more common for women.

Interpersonal Level

4.   Have a heart to heart with 9 women in your life.  Share the INFluence message and ask them to complete the call to action as well.

5.   Be a role model for heart-healthy living for your friends and family.  Share your successes and challenges, giving and receiving support and inspiration.

Organizational Level

6.   Implement at least one heart-healthy policy or program in your organization.  Make healthy eating, physical activity, and smoking cessation the easiest choice in your school, neighborhood, worksite, faith-based or community organization.

Community/County Level

7.   Host a local INFluence forum to empower women in your community to positively impact heart health.

8.   Form or join a local coalition to advocate for and coordinate community efforts to create a healthier environment.

Society/State Level

9.   Maintain a network to coordinate statewide efforts aimed at increasing awareness of gender differences, improving policy, and leveraging funds for heart health promotion in Indiana.

“Thank you for taking action that will protect Hoosier women, their families, and generations to come from the devastating effects of heart disease.”

For a Healthier Tomorrow,

Judy Monroe, MD
State Health Commissioner

2009-2010 INFluence Sponsors

Thank you to the sponsors of this year's INFluence Initiative!!  

Premier Sponsors:  
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Indiana Minority Health Coalition  

Sustaining Sponsors:  
Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation
Indiana State Department of Health
The Heart Truth

The Vision

Judith A. Monroe, M.D., State Health Commissioner conceived the INFluence vision when she became the first female State Health Commissioner in Indiana. She believes that women of influence have the power to carry critical women’s health messages far and wide, and make these issues relevant and visible at work, at school, at home, in policy, in the media, in faith communities, and among health care professionals.

The Beginning

The Office of Women’s Health at the Indiana State Department of Health, in conjunction with Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation, hosted the first INFluence Women’s Health Forum on April 18, 2007 in response to the Camel No. 9 marketing campaign specifically targeting young women. Over 200 powerful Hoosier women attended and learned about Camel’s deadly marketing campaign. Attendees are using their influence to complete the call to action issued by Dr. Monroe and are educating and impacting women in their communities. INFluence activities aimed at tobacco marketing at the state and local level are being tracked and outcomes are being monitored.

The Next Step

Each year the women of INFluence are being educated about and are advocating for a new emerging women’s health issue as the INFluence initiative expands.  The 2nd Annual INFluence Women's Health Forum entitled "Power Over Addiction" was held on April 30, 2008 and covered the health, social, and econonic impacts of substance abuse on Hoosier women.  The 3rd Annual INFluence Women's Health Forum was held on September 15th, 2009 and this year's theme is "Igniting Your Passion for Healthy Hearts."  Online tooklits and other resources are available to assist the women of INFluence with completing Dr. Monroe's Top 9 Lists.