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Indiana's On-Farm Network®

The On-Farm Network® is a group of crop producers interested in economics, stewardship, and reducing their environmental footprint.

The goal of the Indiana On-Farm Network® is to advance two critical components to driving improved farm-level performance:

1) access to and education on the use of effective, affordable tools and strategies to assess and verify on-farm environmental and economic performance and

2) coordination of data collection, analysis, and feedback to farmers using these tools at the individual farm level and in aggregate across multiple farms in a geographic region.

Participating farmers use precision ag tools and technologies to conduct research on their own farms. Through the On-Farm Network®, farmers use this data from their own farms and others in their area to evaluate the effectiveness and economic pros and cons of different management practices, such as nutrient application rates, timing, and form. Farmers not only evaluate the effectiveness of different practices on their own farm, but benefit from aggregate data across multiple farms and years.

The end result is farmer-driven adaptive management in real time farmers gathering and making beneficial changes based on data from their own fields and those of others. The farmers are in the driver's seat, which significantly increases buy in to the results and willingness to make long-term changes. Key tools include the cornstalk nitrate test (CSNT), aerial imagery, and replicated strip trials.