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Some exciting things happening at IOT

GovDelivery Seminar

Join IOT and GovDelivery on June 16, 2009 for an informational seminar regarding what GovDelivery is and how it can help your agency! The seminar will be held from 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. in the Indiana Government Center South Auditorium. A question and answer session, including Best Practices information, will follow the seminar. Send an email to Anh McClure at before June 12, 2009 if you are interested. Please indicate who will be attending from your agency.

IE8 and WebCMS

Please be aware that Microsoft's newly released version of their Internet Explorer browser, IE8, is not compatible with the current version of WebCMS. Open Text is aware of the problem and is working to correct it for a future version of the software. In the meantime, continue to use IE7 or IE6 on any computer from which you need to access WebCMS.

Timely information
on Novel H1N1 Flu Virus

In early April, the world was gripped by the story of the Novel H1N1 flu virus spreading out of Mexico. As a part of the state's response to this was launched. This site was designed as a central location for the public to get information on this strain of flu in Indiana. This site highlights the power and flexibility that WebCMS offers. It was designed and launched in a very short period of time, and personnel from 3 separate agencies involved with the State's response to this flu outbreak (DHS, BOAH, and ISDH) all have the ability to update information on the site. on Economic Recovery

With the current focus on the economy and job creation in Indiana, two websites have recently been set up to provide information to Hoosiers regarding Indiana's response to the economic crisis: and Young Hoosier Conservation Corps. was set up by the Governor's office to provide transparency regarding Indiana's plans for the funds provided to the state by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Young Hoosier Conservation Corps is a program funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds. Its aim is to create summer jobs for young Hoosiers beautifying Indiana's state parks, forests, reservoirs, nature preserves, wildlife and recreation areas and historic sites.

SQL Conversion Project

The Secretary of State's office has completed a project to upgrade their SQL Server databases from version 6.5 to 2005. This project also included upgrading their server hardware. The databases were to be hosted by IOT and data files (such as images) will be stored on a SAN owned by SOS but located at IOT. This includes the databases for Corporations, UCC, Notary, Securities and Trademarks. This effort was completed on March 13, 2009.


The Update is published quarterly and sent to public information officers, IT personnel, webmasters, and Web CMS users. If you do not receive this Update via another list, please call IOT Customer Service at 317.234.4357 or 800.382.1095 and ask to be added to "IOT All Webmasters."

Please send us your thoughts on how we can improve the Update.

One Look, One Feel, One

The common look and feel of the web portal and the WebCMS tool set is attracting other separately elected officials. The current combination of site design and updates via WebCMS was originally developed for Mitch Daniels' executive branch offices. However, the flexibility of the toolset, broad implementation, design, and support programs have combined to create a package that is extremely attractive for state organizations and officials looking to maintain links with their constituents through a strong web presence.

The Indiana Senate Republican Caucus recently completed a site redesign for their main caucus and all 33 Republican Senators' web pages. They chose to use the state's common look and feel to construct their web site, and maintain their site through WebCMS. Each of the members even sent out a postcard to their constituents touting their streamlined and consistent look and the features available on their site. They aren't the only adopter. Others include:

The staff is currently engaged with two other seperatedly elected officials and look forward to working with all partners across the state of Indiana. The program's goal is ONE LOOK, ONE FEEL, ONE Presentation - Mark your Calendar!

On Wednesday, June 24th 2009. A presentation will be held from 1:30pm until 3pm in the IGCS Auditorium. This presentation will include a general overview of the state of as well as a description of some of the new features coming soon to the portal, including:

  • RSS Feeds
  • WebTrends Web Analytics Upgrade
  • Governance Council and its efforts with Government 2.0
  • User Council Update

If you would like to attend the presentation, click this link to view the invitation. When your browser asks you what you would like to do, select 'open' then click on the 'accept' box on the top right to add it to your Outlook calendar. The Program team look forward to seeing you at our presentation!

WebCMS training and support

With the re-launch of the Indiana Department of Transportation web site on April 13, 2009, WebCMS migrations are now complete for all originally identified state agency and elected official web sites. All told, between the original architecture and the upgraded Enthink architecture, over 130 web sites were migrated into WebCMS over the course of 2 years.

A training site has been set up in order to continue to help both new and existing WebCMS users take full advantage of the capabilities provided by the system. This site, located at, provides guidance on many of the common tasks performed while updating web sites within WebCMS. It includes pages walking users through such tasks as navigating the interface, using the text editor, and managing site elements such as the left navigation and Online Services box. Screenshots are included throughout in order to help provide a visual reference.

To ask questions not covered by the training site, clarifications on any point of confusion, or to schedule a one on one training session, please visit the site and submit a ticket via the Content Management System form on the Statewide Solutions tab.

WebCMS continues to evolve in order to best meet the needs of the state. Additional web sites are being migrated into the system, performance improvements identified, and new features and services researched and implemented. staff looks forward to supporting and growing the system in the months and years to come.


Secretary of State Corporate Imaging

One of the popular services that the Secretary of State has to offer is providing copies of business entity documents, such as articles of incorporation, when requested. In the past, this was a laborious process. Customers would order their documents by mailing a list, along with a check, to the Secretary of State's office. Once the order was received the documents were photocopied and mailed to the customer.

With the launch of the new corporate imaging application, a database has been created to house images of the documents, and the request process is now largely automated and entirely online. Customers can go to the Secretary of State's website and search the database for documents and download images of the documents directly to their computer, in both regular and official certified versions.

The application also has an administrative module so that the Secretary of State's office can manage the database and incoming requests. If the documents requested by the customer are not available the application will alert administrators at the Secretary of State. The documents can then be added to the database and the Customer notified via email that the documents are available for download on the website.

This application is a great example of the power of online web applications to make processes like this much simpler for both citizens and the state.

The application can be viewed here.

"Working closely with and Indiana Interactive, LLC we’re pleased to be able to provide our customers with this valuable service. We appreciate’s efforts and professionalism during this successful implementation of SOS Corporate Images online. Thanks to Secretary Rokita and his commitment to bring more and more innovation to state government, we’re able to provide this new service free of charge. This enhancement to our ability in serving the public is priceless."

Liz Keele, Director
Business Services Division
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