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The Indiana Office of Technology has launched a new website for the program. The Program believes that this website will become a important resource for both agency webmasters and PIO's. This one-stop resource provides Program users with important information regarding all portal services offered.

With the amount of people currently looking to the Web for information, it is important for agencies to be aware of the current and upcoming opportunities within portal. This will allow them to leverage enterprise resources to improve the constituent experience on

CMS Maintenance Window

In an effort to streamline changes and maintenance to WebCMS, has created a change management procedure outside of IOT's Standard Maintenance window. The change procedure will allow to make modifications on a global scale which will be more convenient and will reduce the amount of downtime experienced. The maintenance window allows for changes to all agency sites to take 2 to 4 days to complete rather than the current 6 to 8 weeks. In order to allow for ample planning time, a yearly change schedule is available indicating all dates delegated for scheduled maintenance.

Looking for a form online? Now find most agency forms in one centralized location! The Commission on Public Records and provide a centralized posting-place for electronic forms. Forms can be searched by either agency or form name. To provide site visitors with convenient access to, a link will be added to the online services section of all agency websites with approved ICPR forms starting on October 14th.

GovDelivery Implementation

GovDelivery ( is a free portal service offered to all state agencies. This service is nearing the end of its contracted period. The program has set a goal to implement GovDelivery in all agencies by the end of 2009. Reaching this goal would allow the state to re-evaluate its relationship with GovDelviery during contract negotiations. The objective of the new contract would be to focus on maintenance instead of implementations and training.

With this date fast approaching, Anh McClure of Indiana Interactive and Sara VonBargen of Govdelivery are reaching out to all agency partners requesting them to evaluate and/or implement GovDelivery within a short period of time. The program is looking forward to working with the remaining agencies to make this portal service a success.

IDOI RREAL IN Application

The Residential Real Estate Acquisition of Licensee Information and Numbers Database (RREAL IN) application launched on August 31, 2009. RREAL IN is statutorily mandated by Indiana Code 27-7-3-15.5 and its objective is to develop an electronic system for the collection and storage of information concerning persons that have participated in or assisted with:

  • A single-family residential first lien purchase money mortgage transaction; and
  • A single-family residential refinancing transaction

Effective 1/1/2010, all closing agents (as defined by Indiana Code 6-1.1-12-43(a)(2) are required to submit an on-line form in the RREAL IN database, following the completion of a real estate transaction.

GovDelivery & ExactTarget

Has your agency considered GovDelivery or ExactTarget as a communication solution? Many agencies are utilizing either GovDelivery or ExactTarget for their e-communication needs. Consider this:

  • GovDelivery is free for your agency to use!
  • ExactTarget offers discounted bulk email sending rates!

Click here to view the product comparison report put together by Banner

A Banner will be placed on all state or websites that are navigated to by way of the state website. As an example, this banner is currently affixed atop this update. See below for several more examples. Please note that these are mockups.

We expect this effort to commense late December 2009 or early January 2010.

Completed CMS Migrations

Completed Redesigns

Completed Projects

CMS Migrations Coming Soon

  • Inspector General
  • Attorney General


The Update is published quarterly and sent to public information officers, IT personnel, webmasters, and Web CMS users. If you do not receive this Update via another list, please call IOT Customer Service at 317.234.4357 or 800.382.1095 and ask to be added to "IOT All Webmasters."

Please send us your thoughts on how we can improve the Update. desktop website was established in August 2009 to describe the features offered by visiting the website on a smart device. A mobile version of was also launched in August 2009 which contains the exciting new following features:

If you would like to 'Suggest a Mobile Service' should be offering please fill out the form online. Web analytic statistics for can be seen below.

Java/.Net integration with Webtrends

WebTrends is a web analytics solution that captures Web site visitor behavior, and soon, that analytical solution can be integrated with agency applications! is in the preliminary stages of creating a plan that allows agencies to request that WebTrends be integrated with their applications. After WebTrends has been integrated into an application, WebTrends users can log into their WebTrends account and view the analytical data from agency applications such as: how many visitors visited the application, what path visitors took to get to the application, and at what point the visitor left the site.

WebTrends provides agencies with valuable information that incites agencies to improve constituent's experience, determine what content drives constituent engagement, justify application modifications and other Web site investments, and get an overall top-line view of how the agency's Web site is performing.

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Soon, all the great features that WebTrends offers for agency Web sites will be available for agency applications!

  • Benchmarks application information;
  • Captures information about what happens in an application or on a specific application page;
  • Analyzes behavior in the application, on a page or specific functionality;
  • Analyzes search engine and application referrer statistics;
  • Provides intelligence about the visitors of the application.

Don't have a WebTrends user account? Request one today!

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Web 2.0 & Social Media

"Web 2.0" and "Social Media" are becoming more than just buzzwords for many state agencies as they seek to find ways to interact with their constituents and push greater amounts of information to the public. Web 2.0 is changing how information on the Internet is used - no longer is content simply published by an agency for readers to consume. The Internet has become an interactive space that encourages continual dialogue, feedback and user-generated content.

Across Indiana, agencies have begun using tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs to disseminate information and engage their users in an active conversation. The results are varied depending on the strategy employed and tools used, but often include an increase in customer loyalty, awareness of initiatives and programs and the feeling of personal investment by the constituent.

In the coming weeks, a Web 2.0 Request form will be added to in which each agency can request a variety of social media tools be added to their website. The form will include terms of use for properly and professionally maintaining these tools as well as guide you through planning for long-term management of the selected tools.

CDB Implementation & TPE Upgrade

In June, Indiana Interactive implemented a new Customer Database (CDB), which is now in place providing increased protection to the subscriber process and monthly billing in addition to raising the level of PCI compliance for today's internet security. The new database is designed to manage and streamline billing and authentication allowing for greater customization and separation of duties in the account/user role. Subscribers and new customers can seek additional information by visiting the Account Center.

In August, Indiana Interactive upgraded the credit card and eCheck payment engine (TPE) for most of the states web applications. The goal for this upgrade is to provide a higher level of web security and redundancy for payment processing, as well as enhancing the reporting capabilities available through the payment engine. In reaching these goals, the State of Indiana has now demonstrated qualifications as a high volume processor with the main focus on protecting cardholder financial data by processing credit cards with the highest level of compliance (Level 1 PCI/DSS).

WebCMS Upgrade

An upgrade to WebCMS 9.0 is currently being planned. This upgrade will provide increased diagnostic abilities which will help isolate the causes of publication, performance, and other issues more effectively. This will also allow for further optimization of the system. PLEASE NOTE: This upgrade has been postponed until further notice. has created a quality assurance (QA) environment to test all major changes before they are implemented on production. The QA environment mimics production, which allows to predict how the production environment will react to major modifications and upgrades.

In preparation for the upgrade, the QA environment is currently being reviewed by and select State agencies. These agencies will validate that all functionality is maintained in the upgrade to WebCMS 9.0. If you would like to be a part of this test and have not been contacted by the Program, please contact Alvin Wilson (

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Given the scale and importance of WebCMS, the production installation procedures have been optimized to reduce the amount of downtime and burden to the agency.

  1. The first step in the upgrade will be to virtualize the current environment. This will allow the team to perform upgrades to the physical servers. During this period of time when WebCMS is running on virtual machines, there will be a noticeable decline in system performance. Therefore, we ask that only high-priority updates be made until the upgrade is complete.
  2. The production servers will be rebuilt to address memory utilization issues. Addressing these issues during the WebCMS upgrade will prevent an additional outage in the future.
  3. The most important piece of the upgrade is UAT. A State wide testing period will take place to confirm all aspects of WebCMS are functioning appropriately.

An extensive communication plan is being developed and all agencies will be updated as we progress.

New Features in Version 9.0

  • Increased Diagnostic Reporting
  • Extended search functions in Asset Manager
  • Checking the references to pages that are being deleted
  • New page lists on the CMS Homepage

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Rotating Widget

A new feature that has been proposed as part of the standards and design is the ability to display multiple widgets without consuming a large quantity of space on the page. The Rotating Widget allows for multiple widgets to be displayed on a page which rotate in an eye-appealing and interactive way. Users have the ability to pause the rotation as well as scroll through the available widgets manually.

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The program is proposing the following new design standards for Widgets:

  1. Only one rotating widget can be used per agency website.
  2. A maximum of 5 items can be used per widget.
  3. All widget items must have links to them elsewhere on any page where the widget appears. Since the widget is intended to be a global item, these links must also be in a global location such as the left or right navigation areas. If the widget is only used on a sub-site or locally, the links will only need to appear on those locations.
  4. All images used for the rotating widget must be the same pixel dimension. These dimensions can be unique per agency, but need to be consistent for each instance of the rotating widget.

This new standard will be up for review by the Governance Council at their October 20th meeting. An example of how the widget may look can be seen below.

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ISDA Directory Application

The Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) has, for the last three years, maintained a printed directory of Farmer's Markets, U-picks, and Agritourism destinations around the state. This guide has always been incredibly well received, and each year ISDA received hundreds of calls about how and where people can access the directory. In order to better serve its constituents, ISDA thought it would be best to create an online version of the directory in addition to the printed copies.

Beginning in the spring of 2009, ISDA began working with the team at to create a searchable, web-based version of this publication. Ann Schmelzer, the Program Manager for Entrepreneurship and Diversified Agriculture was tasked with pulling this initiative together for the department. While initially nervous about taking on a new program like this for ISDA, she discovered the process to be smooth, efficient, and on-target for the desired outcomes. She also stated that did a great job in assessing the overall project and tailoring the final version to meet ISDA's needs, timeline, and budget. The other ISDA employees who also worked on the initiative were pleased with how well the whole process was managed from start to finish.

ISDA is looking forward to the launch of the final product, and would very much like to thank the staff for all of their hard work on this new initiative. They feel that the publication has been a great tool for specialty crop producers and agritourism destinations around the state, and are confident that the new, web-based version will help to continue the project's previous success.


Secretary of State

"Migrating the Secretary of State's web site to the content management system was no small task. The Secretary of State's office has four divisions, and each of those needed its own sub-site. The team meticulously pored through our site to make sure that everything was included in the transition. They also helped us determine the best structure for our site navigation. has been a great resource for the Secretary of State's office."

Katie Swander
Communications Manager
Secretary of State Web Analytics for 3rd Quarter Most Visited
Analytics on Visits, Visitors, Pages, & More # Agency Visits
Visits / Average Per Day 17,894,071 / 194,500 1 DWD 3,654,788
Average / Median Visit Duration 00:06:05 / 00:01:30 2 Lottery 3,100,701
Visitors / Avg. Visits per Visitor 7,897,238 / 2.27 3 1,228,502
Visitors Who Visited: Once / More than Once 5,438,581 / 2,458,657 4 BMV 1,150,706
Page: Views / Avg. per Day / Average per Visit 66,625,752 / 724,192 / 3.72 5 DNR 990,774
Most Active: Date / Day of Week / Hour of Day 8-10-09 / Monday / 10:00-10:59 6 Judiciary 584,398
Least Active: Day of Week / Hour of Day Saturday / 4:00-4:59 7 FSSA 575,001
Top 2 Referring Sites / 8 DNR (Park/Lake) 498,927
Top 2 Platforms Windows XP / Windows Vista 9 State Fair 481,152
Top 2 Web Browsers Internet Explorer / Firefox 10 IGA 439,290
    Total for 17,894,071

View your agency's WebTrends reports or request a user account! Mobile Web Analytics for 3rd Quarter Most Visited
Mobile Device Visitors Visits # Mobile Agency/Page Visits
iPhone 15786 16099 1 55,255
BlackBerry 4926 5074 2 DWD 40,444
iPod Touch 2981 3020 3 Find an Agency 36,905
G1 1875 1925 4 BMV 14,075
VX-9700 970 994 5 Hoosier Lottery 12,215
SPH-M800 964 982 6 BMV Wait Times 7,408
Mini 4 884 908 7 Find a Person 6,284
Sidekick II 778 801 8 IDOC 5,687
Centro 783 808 9 DNR 5,174
CU920 705 728 10 INDOT 3,114
        Total for 64,118 Performance Metrics
Service Level DescriptionService Level Requirements2008
On Time Delivery of Projects 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 100% 100% 100% 100% Uptime >=99.95%99.94 – 95%<94.9% 100% 100% 99.98% 99.98%
Production Response Time 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 89% 100% 100% 100%
Content Changes w/in 3 Days 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 96% 94.13% 94% 98.3%
Web Address Changes w/in 3 Days 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 100% 100% 85% 83%
Customer Satisfaction: Tickets 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 91% 96% 99% 88%
Customer Satisfaction: Projects 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 100% 83.6% 71% 91%
Disaster Recovery (Restoration of Content) <= 48 hours49 to 72 hours> 72 hours N/A N/A N/A N/A