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May/June 2008 Hits Homestretch of Migration & Redesign

As June approaches, Program staff continues to hammer away at the final executive branch agencies' Web site CMS and redesign migrations, leaving the final 11 sites to launch between now and the 06/30/2008 deadline. Since the last Update, sent on April 8, has launched 18 redesigned sites, including Correction, Natural Resources and Revenue.

"We are thrilled with the progress made the past three months," said Robert Paglia, Program Manager. "It's crunch time and our team has proven they can handle not only the largest Web conversion to date, but simultaneously maintain the level of support and security our customers have come to expect." During the past 13 months of the migration, has continued to work with its partner agencies to develop and launch new, innovative online services and earn the coveted CyberTrust security certification sought by many public and private organizations.

Following the successful completion of all 75 executive branch agency Web site migrations, the Program will focus its efforts on making updates to the content management system and retrofitting the early adoption agency sites not currently in the Enthink project structure.

BMV Launches Personalized myBMV Service

On May 14, 2008, BMV Commissioner Ron Stiver announced the launch of myBMV, an online personalized service that allows customers to sign up for license and registration renewal alerts as well as update insurance and mailing address information and order duplicate titles online. Since the "soft launch" on April 25, more than 25,400 users have signed up for the new service, which features several other services not previously offered online.

To see a complete listing of all BMV online services, please visit Program Plans Enthink Retrofit Upgrades

Upon the completion of the CMS migration and redesign, Program staff will begin retrofitting early adoption agencies not currently leveraging the enhanced CMS project structure, which provides for easier page creation and breadcrumb implementation. To gauge interest and begin scheduling agencies, will send a short survey out to those agencies qualified for the retrofit. The survey, scheduled to go out early-June, will be sent to the agencies' original Agency Migration Leads (AMLs). If your AML has changed since your agency's migration, please send an updated AML with contact information to Paul VandenBussche by June 6, 2008. Newsletter Demo On May 29th @ 11 a.m.

On Thursday, May 29 at 11 a.m. in IGCS Room 4, the state's GovDelivery account manager, Sara VonBargen, will present GovDelivery's latest service to the state: the ability to send e-newsletters* to subscribers via The new feature is included free when agencies sign up to implement on their Web sites.

Since February, 10 state agencies have implemented the e-mail and wireless alert service and have sent more than 49,537 alerts to more than 32,578 subscribers. The e-newsletter feature is expected to grow the service over the next year as more agencies roll-out the service.

*For questions about the vs. ExactTarget's service, or to implement on your agency's site, please contact Alvin Wilson. Web Analytics for March - April 2008

Analytics on Visits, Visitors, Pages, & More Most Visited
Visits / Average Per Day 9,109,800 / 149,340 1.Hoosier Lottery1,648,412
Average / Median Visit Duration00:06:35 / 00:01:58 "Top Level"1,219,990
Visitors / Avg. Visits per Visitor4,355,084 / 2.09 3.DWD742,335
Visitors Who Visited: Once / More than Once3,070,933 / 1,284,1511 4.BMV374,626
Page: Views / Avg. per Day / Average per Visit33,430,725 / 548,044 / 3.67 5.DOR305,853
Most Active: Date / Day of Week / Hour of Day4/14/08 / Monday / 10-11am 6.DNR139,444
Least Active: Day of Week / Hour of Day Saturday / 3-4am 7.DCS124,429
Top 2 Referring SitesDirect (57.66%); Google (14.23%) 8.SOS115,231
Top 2 PlatformsWin XP (79.57%); Windows Vista (11.56%) 9.PLA104,072
Top 2 Web BrowsersIE7 (48.12%); IE6 (39.26%); FireFox (9.33%) 10.IDOC99,058 Performance Metrics

Service Level Description Service Level Requirement2007 Q22007 Q3 2007 Q4 2008 Q1
On Time Delivery of Projects 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 100% 100% 100% 100% Uptime >=99.95%99.94 – 95%<94.9% 99.99% 100% 100% 100%
Production Response Time 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 68% 96.2% 100% 94%
Content Changes w/in 3 Days 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 65% 92.6% 92.34% 94%
Web Address Changes w/in 3 Days 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 94.3% 89.76% 80.6% 85%
Customer Satisfaction: Tickets 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 85.3% 93% 95.83% 88%
Customer Satisfaction: Projects 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 100% N/A 100% 91%
Disaster Recovery (Restoration of Content) <= 48 hours49 to 72 hours> 72 hours N/A N/A N/A N/A - The place for all of your requests, statistics, and more...

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