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November 2007

State of 12/4 @ 1:30pm in Auditorium

On Tuesday, December 4, 2007, in the IGCS Auditorium from 1:30 to 2:30pm, Director of Chris W. Cotterill and Program Manager Robert Paglia will present the State of This is an OPEN meeting intended for agency heads and deputies, public information officers, Web designers and developers, and information technology personnel.

Cotterill and Paglia will provide an update on the Program’s two 2007 priorities: (1) making more reliable and secure and (2) the Redesign Initiative. They will also address’s 2008 Action Plan, which includes:

  • the redesign of online services when the content redesign is complete;
  • assessing and certifying the security of all state Internet-facing applications;
  • a customer needs analysis and our continual improvement planning;
  • our “single sign on” effort; and,
  • the grant process for FY2009 agency ideas for new online services.

Redesign Continues at Breakneck Speed

Since the last Update, these sites have been redesigned and launched; AOS, BMV, DWD, FSSA, IBTR, IFA, ILEA, INDOT, IPAS, and TOS.

We will close out the year with migrations of the following sites: DCS, DOL, DNR, DVA, ICPR, IDEM (with Recycle and Wetlands), IHB, INShape, ISDH, ISL, IWM, ITPC, and NRC.

The Program is currently planning with half of the Group III agencies to get a head start on the new year. The director of is also meeting with Group IV agencies before year end to ensure the Redesign is completed by mid-2008 as planned. (A regularly updated schedule is available here.)

Auditor & Treasurer of State Join Redesign!

The Redesign Initiative is initially focused on the state agencies under the authority of the Governor. Yet, the offices of Auditor of State Tim Berry and Treasurer of State Richard Mourdock so welcomed the redesign that the Program worked overtime to migrate these sites into the new design and Web CMS. We are especially proud to support these elected officials and look forward to working with the Legislature, Judiciary, and the other state elected officials next year.

Improvements to Online Services Continue

Along with the laser focus on our two 2007 priorities—security and redesign—the Program has continued to work closely with agencies to develop new and improve existing online services. Examples include:

  • BMV - Branch Reservation: Allows customers to schedule an appointment at a BMV branch in 30 minute increments per branch each business day. This is currently being piloted at six branches.
  • BMV - Social Security Online Validation: BMV customers can enter their personal information to verify their information with the Social Security Administration.
  • DNR - iPOS: Made various improvements to DNR system that streamlines the process of selling licenses, making it more convenient for sports enthusiasts to obtain licensing from any of the 500+ authorized DNR agents in Indiana.
  • FSSA - ICOPE: Added functionality to verify patient enrollment and treatment status for the FSSA Division of Mental Health & Addiction certified Opioid Treatment Programs, commonly referred to as methadone clinics. Web Analytics for 8/1/07 to 10/31/07

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