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September 2007 Security Update: Open Meeting on 9/27

On Thursday, September 27, 2007, in IGCS Room 18 from 1 to 2:30pm, Program Manager Robert Paglia will present an update on efforts to increase security. Robert will address:

  • The effect of our CyberTrust certification effort on all state Web development;
  • Application security scans by and responsibilities if vulnerabilities are identified; and,
  • Requirements around storing personal information on

Though more technical than most meetings, the content will be understandable to non-IT personnel. This meeting is OPEN for all state employees and contractors with Web-related responsibilities. Agency IT directors and Web developers are especially encouraged to attend.

WebTrends Training: Open Meeting on 9/26

Learn How to Make Your Agency’s Website More Effective

On Wednesday, September 26th, 2007, in IGCS Room 32 from 10 to 11am, Director of Communication Mehgan O’Connor will offer WebTrends 101 Training. This meeting is OPEN for all public information officers and webmasters.

What is WebTrends?: WebTrends is the state’s new Web analytics solution. As you read this, it is tracking the visits to your agency’s Web pages and a tremendous amount of other data around each click. With the ability to view data in real time and to go back to get aggregate data, WebTrends blows the old stats system out of the water.

The training will focus on:

  • How to login and view your agency’s reports;
  • How to navigate and understand your agency’s reports;
  • A review of the reports that you’ll first want to use;
  • How to create reports for a specified period; and,
  • Steps you can take to learn even more.

Take a look at the Web analytics we are now including at the bottom of each Update. You can get these types of analytics on your agency site, too!

Redesign & CMS Migration Update

Since the July Update, the following agency sites have launched in the new design: DHS, IAC, IDOA, ISCBA, ISDA, ISP, OMB, and TRF.

Upcoming sites include the final three Group I sites: DWD, FSSA, and INDOT. Group II migration planning is currently underway and these sites are planned to launch before year end. Group II includes: BMV, DCS, DOL, DNR, DVA, IBTR, ICPR, IEDC, IDEM, IFA, ILEA, IHB, IPAS, ISCBA, ISDH & INShape, ISL, ITPC, IWM, and NRC.

Major Efforts Underway to Make & CMS Easier to Use

In 2006, all public information officers and webmasters were invited by the Program to participate in a review of content management systems to select an easy-to-use enterprise class solution. The CMS selected meets that description, but there are additional steps the Program is taking to make it easier to use.

We are currently working to:

  • Make it easier to create a page;
  • Make our training sessions, Flash videos, and training manual even better;
  • Reduce page sizes to increase page load speed; and,
  • Add Breadcrumbs, RSS, and other features.

We welcome your questions, concerns, ideas, etc. Please e-mail us anytime to let us know what we can do to better serve you and the users of Performance Metrics

Because the Update is a bi-monthly publication, the 2007 Q3 metrics will be included in the November issue of the Update. Metrics for 2007 Q2 are available in the July Update. Web Analytics for Last 3 Months

Analytics on Visits, Visitors, Pages, & More Most Visited
Visits / Average Per Day7,426,016 / 80,717 1.DWD1,058,926
Average / Median Visit Duration00:06:42 / 00:01:55 “Top Level”970,812
Visitors / Avg. Visits per Visitor4,018,200 / 1.85 3.BMV389,477
Visitors Who Visited: Once / More than Once3,005,366 / 1,012,834 4.SPD341,489
Page: Views / Avg. per Day / Average per Visit29,071,151 / 315,990 / 3.91 5.State Fair321,208
Most Active: Date / Day of Week / Hour of Day07/9/07 / Monday / 2-3pm 6.DCS314,994
Least Active: Date / Day of Week / Hour of Day6/2/07 / Saturday / 4-5am 7.PLA309,304
Top 2 Referring SitesDirect (48.08%); Google (16.44%) 8.ISDH294,466
Top 2 PlatformsWin XP (84.09%); Win NT (5.82%) 9.DNR282,070
Top 2 Web BrowsersIE6 (57.46%); IE7 (31.43%); FireFox (7.69%) 10.Judiciary275,433 - The place for all of your requests, statistics, and more...

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