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July 2007

Gov., Lt. Gov., & More Websites Launch

Since the last Update in May, there has been a tremendous amount of progress in our effort to migrate agency websites to the new look and feel and content management system. Click around and enjoy: Governor & First Lady, Lt. Governor, Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), IEERB, IOT, & OFBCI.

Communicators Advisory Council Meeting

The next meeting of the Communicators Advisory Council will be held on August 2nd at 2p.m. in Room 20 in the Indiana Government Center South. The agenda includes:

  • An update on the status of the Redesign & CMS initiative;
  • The unveiling of WebTrends; and,
  • Other significant improvements since our last meeting.

As always, this is an OPEN forum for all state communicators and webmasters where staff can address any questions you may have.

When Will My Agency Get Into the New Design?

On August 1st, staff will meet with the second group of agencies that have been scheduled for migration into the content management system. Group II includes BMV, DCS, DOL, DOR, DNR & NRC, IBTR, ICPR, IEDC, IDEM, IFA, ILEA, IHB, IPAS, ISCBA, ISDH & INShape, ISL, and ITPC. (All contacts designated by these agencies in response to the Website Survey have been invited to this meeting.) Group II is scheduled to migrate to the CMS between 8/1/07 and 1/1/08.

Not in Group I or II? In April, all agencies were surveyed to gauge their willingness and readiness to migrate to the CMS. Based on that information, created the Group I and Group II schedules. As we learn more about the CMS and add additional resources to focus solely on the migration of agency websites to the CMS, we are continually refining our migration schedule. Group III tentatively includes BOAH, CJI, DLGF, DOC, DVA, HRC, IDOI, IG, IGC, IPSC, IWM, PAC, PERF, PLA, SBA, SBOA and SPD. Once the Group III schedule is established, the Group IV schedule will be “pre-released.” Billboard & Feature Article Schedule

Your agency’s major announcements and initiatives can be posted to the homepage. Each week a new feature story and photo will appear on the homepage with news about an upcoming event, major initiative, or agency accomplishment. Slots are currently filled through September 10th. is also accepting “billboard” ideas for the homepage and for the “top-level” navigation pages (About Indiana; Agriculture & Environment; Business & Employment; Education & Training; Family & Health; Law & Justice; Public Safety; Taxes & Finance; and Tourism & Transportation). (“Billboards” are the photos in the center of those pages.)

Submit your proposals for Billboards or Features via from the “Content Management System Requests” tab.

CyberTrust: An Even More Secure has taken additional steps to enhance security, including reaching pre-certification status from CyberTrust--a recognized leader in technology security. Pre-certification indicates that is compliant with all security measures required for full certification. As a result, the State of Indiana is on track to be the first state website to be certified by CyberTrust.

A Note on Metrics

To be successful with the CMS implementation, we have fully shifted resources to that effort. As a result, our “content updates within three days” metric suffered in the second quarter. Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with our response time; thus, that metric suffered as well.

We understand how important it is to make changes within three days. (In fact, one of the reasons for the CMS is because we know three days is not fast enough.) With the new fiscal year starting on July 1, we were able to augment our staffing levels so we move even faster on CMS implementations and meet our service level requirement for content changes. We have made other changes to “get to green” on our production response metric as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Program Manager Robert Paglia. Performance Metrics

Service Level Description Service Level Requirement2006 Q32006 Q42007 Q12007 Q2
On Time Delivery of Projects 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% 100% 100% 100% 100% Uptime >=99.95%99.94 – 95%<94.9% 99.86% 99.99% 99.9% 99.99%
Production Response Time 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% - 100% 97% 68%
Content Changes w/in 3 Days 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% - 93.63% 91.68% 65%
Web Address Changes w/in 3 Days 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% - 100% 94.3% 94.3%
Customer Satisfaction: Tickets 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% - - 96% 85.3%
Customer Satisfaction: Projects 100-90%89 - 80%< 80% - - 100% 100%
Disaster Recovery (Restoration of Content) <= 48 hours49 to 72 hours> 72 hours N/A N/A N/A N/A - The place for all of your requests, statistics, and more...

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