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When will a decision be made?

INDOT will select a preferred alternative in the draft environmental impact statement in the first quarter 2017. Federal Highway Administration will release its record of decision and final environmental impact statement in the first quarter of 2018.

I received a notice of survey letter. What does this mean?

The project team is surveying the area for potential human and natural impacts near the proposed alternatives. They’re also verifying geographic data known as geographic information system (GIS) provided by the county. This doesn’t mean your property will be acquired or a selection has been made on an alternative.

When will property acquisition take place? Will my house be a part of the acquisition?

It’s too early in the process to say whose home will be a part of the property acquisition process. No property acquisition will be taking place during the Tier 2 environmental process. To find out more about the property acquisition process, please visit the I-69 Section 6 website here: http://www.in.gov/indot/projects/i69/2345.htm under "Property Acquisition Process"

How much will this project cost? Who’s paying for it?

The funding and funding source will be identified in the draft environmental impact statement, which will be released in the first quarter of 2017.

What human and natural environmental impacts will INDOT consider during this process?

To see the environmental impacts the project team evaluates, see the link here: http://www.in.gov/indot/projects/i69/files/I69_Section6_PublicMeetingPP_0518.pdf (page 18).

Why is INDOT considering other alternatives when State Road 37 was the approved corridor?

State Road 37 was the approved corridor back in 2004. Section 6, Martinsville to Indianapolis, was put on hold until October 2014 when the Federal Highway Administration issued a Notice of Intent to resume environmental studies with the option of looking at other alternatives. After a scoping process in February, it was decided to evaluate other alternatives. SR 37 will be considered throughout the process until the draft environmental impact statement.

When will construction begin?

A Section 6 construction schedule has not yet been established, but environmental studies for Section 6 Tier 2 are anticipated to be complete in first quarter of 2018.

I would like INDOT to present a project update to my group. How do I request a project update presentation?

You must see if your organization meets the public outreach meeting criteria, found here: http://www.in.gov/indot/projects/i69/files/I69_Section6_PublicOutreachMeetingCriteria.pdf. If so, please provide sufficient advance notice of your meeting and contact:

LaMar Holliday: Public Involvement Specialist
I-69 Project, Section 6
7847 Waverly Road
Martinsville, IN 46151
Office: (317) 881-6408
Email: lholliday@indot.in.gov

How can I submit a comment on the I-69 Section 6 project?

You can submit a comment by email at section6pm@indot.in.gov, you can call the project office at (317) 881-6408, you can stop by the project office located at 7847 Waverly Road, Martinsville, or you can submit a comment through I-69 Section 6’s website found here: http://www.in.gov/indot/projects/i69/2463.htm.

When will another public information meeting be held?

INDOT will host a public hearing after the release of the I-69 Section 6 Draft Environemental Impact Statement (DEIS) in the 2nd quarter of 2017. Dates, times, and locations have not been finalized.


INDOT Real Estate FAQs

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Who determines the offer of just compensation for the property to be acquired?

The agency determines the just compensation amount to be offered to the property owner in a two-step process. An appraiser researches the real estate market and presents an appraisal of the fair market value. A review appraiser evaluates that appraisal and recommends an amount for an agency official to approve as the agency's estimate of just compensation. For some uncomplicated, low value acquisitions, the agency may determine an appraisal is not required and prepare a waiver valuation that will be the basis upon which an agency official will approve the offer of just compensation.

What if the owner doesn't agree with the amount offered? Is condemnation the only solution when an agency can't reach agreement on the purchase of property for the project?

No. There is a possibility of an administrative settlement. INDOT may approve the use of an administrative settlement if it is deemed reasonable and a higher value is supported. Administrative Settlements require an owner to provide written support if a higher value is requested. If all efforts to negotiate/settle fail, the acquisition parcel will be forwarded for condemnation proceedings. Efforts will continue throughout the condemnation process to negotiate a settlement.

Can property owners provide their own appraisal to the acquiring agency?

Yes. INDOT will consider all relevant information in its negotiations with property owners.

Who are qualified appraisers?

State licensed appraisers that have passed the INDOT appraisal exam are deemed to be qualified right-of-way appraisers. Qualifications for a review appraiser include 5-years of documented right-of-way appraisal experience along with a Certified General appraisal license from the State licensing agency and pass the INDOT review appraiser exam.

When a business is considered displaced, for which expenses related to the purchase or lease of a replacement site, can the owner be reimbursed?

A business which has been determined as being displaced due to an INDOT project may be entitled to reimbursement for their cost in searching for a replacement site, up to $2,500.00. These expenses could include costs for the time spent negotiating the purchase or the lease of a replacement site. In addition, an owner can also be compensated for professional services performed prior to the purchase or lease of a replacement property, to determine the suitability of the site for the business, if INDOT determines that they are actual, reasonable and necessary. These services include such things as soil tests or marketing studies, but do not include fees or commissions directly related to the purchase or lease of a replacement property. In other words, reimbursement can be provided for time spent negotiating the purchase or lease as part of the $2,500.00 searching expenses, and for professional fees to determine the suitability of the site, but cannot be provided for fees or commissions directly related to the purchase or lease. Each displaced business will be assigned a Relocation Specialist to answer specific questions and provide additional information related to the Relocation Program. These additional services and entitlements can also be found in section 3 of the green FHWA Relocation brochure.

INDOT Updates

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