Rate Watch Explanation

One of the primary duties of the Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI) is to regulate insurance companies operating in Indiana. By law, each time an insurance company wants to change the cost of its health insurance, the company first has to submit a request to IDOI that is called a filing. IDOI reviews each filing for regulatory compliance and to ensure that Hoosiers are protected from improper business practices.

Traditionally, these filing documents were, and still are, available to interested Hoosiers by visiting IDOI’s downtown Indianapolis office or by viewing the options listed on the IDOI website at http://www.in.gov/idoi/2588.htm. This website, Rate Watch, was created to improve this process. Rate Watch simplifies and increases Hoosier access to filing information by enabling you to search for and locate a filing without having to contact another company or leave the comfort of your home or workplace. To begin using Rate Watch, follow the ten steps below.

  • Under the Search Rate Filings on the homepage, choose the Insurance Category that identifies your current health insurance coverage. The categories are Health, Long Term Care and Medicare Supplement.
  • Begin typing the name of the insurance company that holds your health insurance in the Insurance Company field. In typing the company name, there may only be a few instances where “the” is needed. For example, typing “The” ABC Insurance Company may yield a better result in locating your insurance company.
  • Choose the Date Range you would like to view rate filings submitted to the IDOI. Searchable dates begin on or after May 1, 2010.
  • Click Begin Search to locate filings on Rate Watch from your selected criteria.
  • The Search Results page displays a snapshot of your search criteria. To determine which filing is your insurance plan or coverage you must know the Affected Form Number. This number is located on your policy for individual coverage or certificate for group coverage. You can also obtain the number by contacting your health insurance company. The Search Results can be printed by either choosing the PDF or XLS format.
  • Click on the Filing Number to view an expanded display of the insurance filing.
  • The Filing Report page contains more detailed data of the filing. Scroll over the terms to view definitions.
  • Print the report, if desired, by choosing either the PDF or XLS format.
  • If you want to comment about the filing, choose Submit Comment and complete comment page, or click Back to return to the Filing Report or Search Results page.
  • If you submitted a comment, close the application or begin a New Search. You can also view the Filing Report, again.

Thank you for using Rate Watch!