What Projects are Eligible for the BIG Program?

All facilities constructed under BIG must be:

  • designed to accommodate boats 26' in length or greater;
  • used by transient boaters (boaters not at their home port and staying not more than 10 consecutive days);
  • open to the public;
  • designed and constructed so as to last at least 20 years;
  • continue to be used for their original stated grant purpose;
  • maintained throughout their useful life;
  • within two miles of a public pumpout

Typical projects could include the construction or renovation of:

  • slips for transient boaters (not more than 10 days);
  • mooring buoys;
  • navigational aids limited specifically to direct entry of Big facilities;
  • safe harbors for transients;
  • initial dredging only to provide transient vessels with safe channel depths.

Activities that are not allowed under BIG would include:

  • routine, custodial and/or janitorial maintenance activities (those that occur regularly on an annual or more frequent basis);
  • construction of slips for long term rental (more than 10 days);
  • construction or maintenance of facilities designed for boats less than 26' in length;
  • maintenance dredging;
  • dry land storage or haul out facilities;
  • activities or construction that does not provide public benefit.