Pending Permits

Pending Hazardous Waste Permit Application, Post-Closure, Class 2 and 3 Modifications

Pending Hazardous Waste Facility New, Renewal Post-Closure and Modification Applications
Facility ID # Name County Facility Type Application Type Application Received
IND005557244 Corning Inc. Wells Closed Site Post Closure Renewal 04/26/2017
IND980607659 Essroc Cement Co. Clark Cement Kiln, Storage Operating Permit 02/27/2015
IND984867481 Haynes International Howard Closed Site Post Closure Renewal 06/26/2017
IND093219012 Heritage Environmental Indianapolis Storage & Treatment Class 3 Permit Modification 08/03/2017
IND006419212 Lone Star Industries Putnam Storage, Treatment, Cement Kiln Operating Permit Renewal 01/18/2017
IND000780403 Reclaimed Energy Fayette Storage & Treatment Operating Permit Renewal 09/08/2017
IND006376362 SABIC Posey Storage, Boilers Class 3 Modification 11/15/2016
IND000807107 Vertellus Marion Storage, Boilers Operating Permit Renewal 06/16/2014