Asbestos is a problem because, as a toxic substance and a known carcinogen, it can cause several serious diseases in humans. Symptoms of these diseases typically develop over a period of years following asbestos exposure. Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in buildings do not always pose a problem (that is, a hazard) to occupants and workers in those buildings. Intact, undisturbed asbestos-containing materials generally do not pose a health risk. They may become hazardous and pose increased risk when they are damaged, are disturbed in some manner, or deteriorate over time and thus release asbestos fibers into building air.

All facilities (except residential buildings that have four (4) or fewer dwelling units) must be inspected by an Indiana licensed asbestos inspector prior to the commencement of demolition or renovation activities. Even if no asbestos is present in the facility, proper notification of demolition or renovation activity requirements must still be followed. Homeowners are exempt from notification and removal requirements but not all disposal requirements. Those working to remove asbestos must be licensed to work in Indiana.

While the Indiana Department of Environmental Management does not endorse or promote any person or asbestos training course provider (TCP) we do offer a training course provider list [DOC] for your convenience.

  • Asbestos Compliance:
    • Information on asbestos work procedures, including:
      • Demolition/Renovation requirements
      • Notification procedures
      • Technical guidance documents
  • Licensing Requirements:
    • Information on obtaining an asbestos license, including:
      • License requirements for asbestos removal
      • License fees
      • Application requirements
  • Asbestos Waste Handling Requirements:
    • Information on asbestos waste handling, including:
      • Disposal procedures
      • Notification requirements
      • Emission controls
  • Asbestos Inspection Staff:
    • Information on contacting an asbestos inspector for your area.
  • U.S. EPA General Asbestos Information:
    • Information on asbestos characteristics and usage in the US, including:
      • Products containing asbestos
      • Asbestos exposure
      • Health effects
  • Asbestos Online Licensing:
    • Information on Online Licensing Services:
      • Apply for Initial Individual & Contractor License
      • Renew Individual & Contractor License
  • IDEM Asbestos Fact Sheet (available on the IDEM Fact Sheets page):
    • Information on IDEM's role, and the citizens' role, regarding asbestos, including:
      • Environmental impact
      • Applicable state regulations
      • Asbestos online information

Asbestos License Online Initial and Renewal

Asbestos License Verification

Asbestos license verification is available online for individual, contractor or training course provider license verification.

To verify an asbestos license:

  1. Go to the State web site located at
  2. Click "Online Services"
  3. Under the "Most Popular" category click on "By Agency"
  4. Click on P-R from the alphabetical menu:
  5. Click on "Professional Licensing"
  6. From the list of services click on "Search and Verify Professional License".
  7. Click on "Get Started"
  8. Choose the search criteria listed in the drop-down boxes. The page defaults to the individual license search.
  9. To verify a contractor or training course provider license, click on search for a "Facility, Business, Salon, Corporation".

If you have questions please contact the Asbestos License Program.

Application Forms

The following forms are available on the IDEM Forms page:

  • Asbestos Contractor License
  • Asbestos Training Course Provider Approval
  • Checksheet for Asbestos Contractor
  • Duplicate Asbestos License
  • Individual Asbestos License