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Updated: 01/22/2017

Positions Closing: February 6, 2018

Environmental Manager 2: Office of Land Quality Solid Waste Permits Section

Permit review and approval for Solid Waste landfills, transfer stations, processing facilities, waste tire facilities, yard waste compost sites, biomass facilities, and alternative fuel sources. This position ensures that permits are issued in a timely manner meeting agency metric requirements, permit requirements don't unnecessarily impede businesses or municipalities, and protect life, health, property and the environment.

Positions Closing: February 5, 2018

Senior Environment Manager: Office of Program Support Recycling Market Development Program

The Senior Environmental Manager is responsible for overseeing the Recycling Market Development Program. The focus of the program is to promote to businesses the concept of using and producing recycled materials in their manufacturing process as a mean to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace. This supports the agency’s initiatives for economic stability of local recycling markets, and environmental stewardship of natural resources. This position provides financial and technical assistance to Indiana businesses, communities and recycling industries in order to increase recyclable material manufacturing and use of recycled content products. The manager meets with local businesses and communities on their needs and matches needs with specifications for the purchase or use of recyclable materials in their recycling efforts.

Positions Closing: February 2, 2018

Environmental Scientist 3: Office of Water Quality Compliance Branch

This Environmental Scientist 3 position is located in the IDEM Office of Water Quality Compliance Branch. The person in this position will report to the section chief of the Compliance Data Section. This individual will be responsible for reviewing and checking the accuracy of Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) results required by National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits. In addition, the individual will be responsible for entering discharge permits into the EPA ICIS data system, reviewing for completeness various reports submitted to meet the requirements of NPDES permits and assist with implementing electronic reporting.

Safety Director: Office of Program Support

The Safety Director represents IDEM and directs the safety culture of Agency employees. The goal is to have zero accidents or employee injuries. The secondary goal of the Safety Director is to minimize risk to the Agency (regulatory liability and worker's compensation payouts resulting from occupational injuries and illnesses).

Positions Closing: January 24, 2018

Grant Coordinator 1: Office of the Chief of Staff Finance Division

Establish and manage the timeline and necessary documents for creation and submission of the grant proposal, approval of the grant project through State OMB, creation of PeopleSoft projects and funding sources, and development of contracts and subgrants prior to the beginning of the Federal budget period.

Positions Closing: January 22, 2018

Environmental Engineer 2: Office of Land Quality Engineering Section

This position is in the Engineering Section, Permits Branch, Office of Land Quality. This position will be primarily responsible for evaluating solid waste, hazardous waste and confined feeding operation permit applications and cleanup for engineering and technical adequacy to ensure compliance with the environmental rules and laws to protect human health and the environment. This position will evaluate design, construction, operation and maintenance of units for sound engineering. This position will work with the Section Chief, program project manages and other engineers.

Industrial Waste Compliance Inspector: Office of Land Quality Compliance and Response Branch

This is an inspector position in the Industrial Waste Compliance section within IDEM's Office of Land Quality.


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