Welcome to IDEM’s public print-on-demand system. IDEM’s print-on-demand feature is an innovative way to provide brochures and other printed materials plus the option to customize printed pieces.

Print-on-demand with digital technology is an effective way to print items for a fixed price per unit (bulk pricing and represents huge savings for the customer, compared to offset printing. The average cost is lower for small quantities typically needed by local groups. Print-on-demand technology saves money and time in graphic design and printing setups, without compromising the professional look of the literature.

Print-on-demand has other benefits, including:

  • Quicker turn around on printed material.
  • Totally self-service system.
  • Little or no waste from unused materials.

How does it work?

IDEM has placed a full catalog of templates online for a variety of materials. Upon accessing the online portal and selecting the desired template, the user can customize (if applicable) the chosen template. Customization field options such as a group’s information, logos and addresses will display at the bottom of the screen. Users will follow the directions onscreen and navigate through the pages using the “next” button in the bottom right corner.

Once all of the customized fields and pages of the document are completed, a PDF of the information they have entered is generated for the user to review and approve. Orders are completed with secure online payment set up by the service provider, and items are shipped directly to the address designated by the customer.

Note: Print-On-Demand is currently unavailable.


IDEM has negotiated bulk pricing and provides the templates via third party. IDEM is NOT responsible for tracking orders, facilitating monetary transactions, ensuring shipping and handling, or engaging in other services that the third party offers.